11-year old boy stabs family dog to death after argument with brother

Gypsum, CO

July 26, 2006

On Thursday, July 26th, an 11-year old Eagle County boy told deputies that he was bored before he stabbed his family’s dog to death.

It was reported in the Vail Daily News on Thursday, August 3rd, that the boy was involved in a disagreement with his 7-year old brother on July 26th and threw the family cat and a bowl of cereal at his brother before going to his room.

The boy told Deputies that he was playing with the family dog in his bedroom when the animal hit him on the head.  The boy stated he went to the kitchen and returned to his room, stabbing the dog near its left leg. The dog ran into the kitchen and died on the floor. Deputies found blood on the boy’s bed and on a wall in his bedroom.  The boy was checked after deputies were called and no signs of a dog bit were found on his head.

The boy, not identified because of his age, was released to his mother and underwent evaluation at the Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo.

The children’s mother told Deputies that she often leaves her two children at home while she works.


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