Glenn A. & Edwina Sego

15 horses seized from Dover farm

Dover, DE

July 9, 2006

Glenn Sego, 62 and his wife Edwina, 61, of the 3400 block of Judith Road were arrested after 15 horses were found in deteriorating condition on their farm.  Each was charged with 15 counts of animal cruelty.

Kent County SPCA Animal Control Sgt. Elainea Wyatt stated officers received an anonymous tip on July 25th that there were sick animals on the couple’s farm.  Animal agents and a veterinarian visited the property and found two mares that needed medical attention because they were unable to produce milk for their 2-1/2-month old and 5-1/2- month old foals which were ill.  At that time, the couple agreed to have their own veterinarian come out and treat the horses so the horses were not immediately removed.

By July 27th, the horses had still not been treated and with the extreme heat, their conditions had worsened.  The five horses were removed from the property and the Segos were arrested.  A Kent County Justice of the Peace Court Judge ordered the remaining 10 horses be seized from the farm.  Wyatt stated that the SPCA had requested a court order to treat and care for the remaining horses on the owner’s property, but the request was denied.

Because the SPCA does not have space to house that many horses, some had to be placed at a separate facility.  Wyatt stated that one of the foals required a life-saving surgical procedure along with costly antibiotics.

Update 12/11/06:

Edwina Sego pled guilty today to a single count of animal cruelty.  Under the plea agreement the state dropped the 14 other counts.  Sego was placed on probation and if she serves 6 months of satisfactory probation, her conviction will be expunged.  The state also dropped all 15 counts of animal cruelty against Glenn Sego, Sr. as Edwina is the owner of record of the horses.

Sego was ordered to make restitution of $15,000 to the Kent County SPCA to help defray the costs for caring for the horses.  She has 90 days to pay or she will be in violation of the probation agreement and subject to up to a year in jail and a $2,300 fine.  12 horses have been returned to the Sego’s


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