Not disclosed 13 horses, 1 pig seized from farm
Findlater, Saskatchewan, Canada October 8, 2008

The Saskatchewan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals on Tuesday took 14 animals, mostly horses, away from a farm northwest of Regina and is investigating allegations of animal neglect.

Frances Wach, executive director of the SPCA in Saskatchewan, told CBC News that the action was taken on the advice of a veterinarian.

Residents say at least one of the horses was locked in a small shed for weeks at a time.

"In order for the SSPCA to seize animals, they need to be in distress," Wach said on Wednesday. "An animal is in distress if it's deprived of water, care or shelter, or is injured, sick, in pain or suffering."

The SSPCA reported that protection officers seized 13 horses and one pig from the farm, near the community of Findlater, about 60 kilometers northwest of Regina, and moved them to another property in the area.

Wach said the agency will conduct an investigation and that justice authorities could lay charges.

"When the matter is investigated, at that point a decision will be made as to whether charges are warranted in the situation," Wach said. "If it is the case that charges are warranted, charges may be laid under the Animal Protection Act or Criminal Code."


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