Furquan Stroughn and Jersey K-9

Animal cruelty to guard dogs

Newark, NJ

Dec. 3, 2002

Photos courtesy of The Associated Humane Societies

The Associated Humane Societies confiscated 45 dogs after the Newark Health Department issued several violations to Jersey K9 business's owner Stroughn. The dogs were living in filth, on wet cold concrete in an unheated, unlit warehouse. The dogs all suffered from upper respiratory problems, painful, swollen paws, eye injuries, rat bites and mange. 4 puppies had fungus from their paws lying in water. None of the dogs had clean or dry enclosures, or had been examined or treated by veterinarians.

Stoughn is a Newark, NJ firefighter and registered owner of the Jersey K-9 guard dog company. The NJ SPCA has issued 60 summonses to Stoughn. A court date has been set for March 3, 2003.

The NJ Department of Health's regulations for a kennel is defined as a place that boards, breeds or sells dogs. A guard dog operation does not fall within the parameters of that definition so they go unregulated.


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The Associated Humane Societies