Unknown who tortured, blinded and left for dead a dog Richmond, VA October 28, 2003

A German Shepherd found in the Bells Road neighborhood, near the Philip Morris tobacco plant was found in the road by a passing motorist who wishes to remain anonymous.

The dog, now named Elton, wore no collar, was malnourished with its skin stretched tight over its ribs.  But someone deliberately sprayed or wiped a caustic chemical onto the dog's eyes, burning up the fur and skin, destroying his eyelids and permanently blinding him.

Dr. Margaret Metry of the Colonial Heights Veterinary Hospital believes this was done at close range and most deliberately.  This was not a random throwing of a chemical nor anything the dog could have done to himself by accident - why, the dog's nose was not burned, just his eyes.

At first the doctors considered euthanizing the dog but after eating all the food they gave him and showing a gentle nature they decided to do the surgery to remove its damaged eyes before infection set in.

Update 10/31/03:

Elton is doing great.  He is healing and already has an adoptive home.  People from as far away as Texas have called or emailed and opened up their wallets to help pay for his medical expenses.

The SPCA has offered a $1000 reward for any information on the suspected abuser.  If anyone has any information about this case they can reach the SPCA at 23166 Boulevard, Colonial Heights, VA 23834 or by phone at 804-526-7722.  You can also call animal control's hotline at 804-240-1040.  Callers can remain anonymous.

Michelle Welsh, the animal abuse prosecutor is actively trying to locate the perpetrator of this crime.  She is upset because the suspect won't face all the punishment he or she deserves, because the dog didn't die, his attacker faces a maximum of 1 year in jail for a Class 1 misdemeanor.


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