Dog rescued from dumpster

Edmonton, CA

August 2, 2006

Jason Mielke, 32, discovered a terrified and snarling dog that was apparently tossed into a dumpster behind his downtown apartment block in the area of 101 Avenue and 121 Street. Mielke’s girlfriend stated that around 3 a.m. she heard a commotion in the alley, ending with a dumpster being slammed shut.

Mielke called the city’s Animal Control officer who retrieved the frightened dog. The dog is a soft-coated Wheaton-terrier cross about 10-years old.  Other than an injured hind leg that left it with a limp, the dog is in good shape.  The dog was taken to the city pound and they are trying to locate the owner.

     (Photo courtesy of Perry Mah, The Edmonton Sun))

Edmonton Humane Society spokesperson Diane Shannon urged anyone with information to come forward. Shannon stated that someone knows whose dog it is and the owner could face charges under the Animal Protection Act.

Since December, Edmonton has had four other similar cases since December.  13 days ago, a one-year old poodle, six adult cats and two kittens were stuffed in three cardboard boxes and left on the steps of the Humane Society’s shelter in the sweltering heat. One kitten died and the second had to be euthanized.

Two weeks before that, on July 7th, five newborn kittens with their umbilical cords still attached, were recovered from a downtown dumpster.  A week earlier on May 30th, four kittens were found in a box in a dumpster at 182 and 97 Avenue.  And on December 21st, eight puppies were found in another downtown dumpster.

Update  8/10/06:

The dog now named Skippy has been put up for adoption.  This senior dog has been checked out medically and now ready to go to a loving home.  Skippy's eyes are clouded with age and may turn into cataracts but other than that she is doing well for her age.


Edmonton Sun