Who, age




Last Known Address

Emilio Deshun Hoy, 22(1)

shot dog with air pistol

Logan, UT

Cache County

December 24, 2009


Kasara Babcock, 21(2)

present during shooting of a dog

Logan, UT

Cache County

December 24, 2009


Type of Crime

Other Crimes

#/Type of animal(s) involved

Case Status

Next Court Date /Courthouse



1 Jack Russell terrier


(2)charges dismissed

1st District Court

A Logan man who pleaded guilty to felony animal torture was sentenced to six months in jail in Logan's 1st District Court.

  (Photo courtesy of KSL)  Emilio Deshun Hoy, 22, will remain behind bars another three months after receiving credit for the 88 days he's already spent in the Cache County Jail.

Hoy became the primary suspect in the case after Logan police received amateur video footage from an anonymous source that showed Hoy holding the dog upside down shooting a Jack Russell terrier in the testicles, face and body with a non-lethal Airsoft pistol on Dec. 24, 2009.

Police say Hoy fired multiple shots at the animal and fired the gun from close range.

  (Photo courtesy of Eli Lucero/Herald Journal - Bean will be available for adoption after he recovers)

"The video shows Emilio shooting the dog several times all over its body," the report indicates. "The video shows Emilio loading another Airsoft round into the gun's chamber and then shooting the dog in the testicles at a very close range."

Police arrested Hoy on suspicion of torture of a companion animal - a third-degree felony. The defendant pleaded guilty to the charge on April 7 after prosecutors agreed not to seek prison time in the case.

Hoy's charge was not reduced from a felony; instead, prosecuting attorney Barbara Lachmar said she would not oppose requests by defense attorneys to reduce the count to a class-A misdemeanor after the defendant successfully completes a probationary sentence.

Hoy apologized for his actions in court before heading back to jail. 

In court prosecuting attorney Barbara Lachmar said Hoy used the non-lethal gun to shoot the dog by holding it upside down by its tail and discharging the air gun from a few inches away. She says shots were also fired toward the dog’s body and face.

Lachmar said she was prepared to show the video in court for a preliminary hearing that was originally scheduled before the defendant agreed to enter a plea.

Hoy has no criminal history. After release, probation is up to three years.

Meanwhile, the case against Kasara Babcock, 21, who was also charged with third-degree felony torture of a companion animal. Lachmar says her case will not proceed after a judge ruled she had little involvement in the abuse.


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