Eldred J. Cannon

Put bleach into the water bowls of 2 dogs

Omaha, NE         Douglas County

August 11, 2006

Cannon, 33, is charged with criminal trespass and attempted animal torture.† He remains in jail after being accused of putting bleach into the water bowls of two Siberian Huskies. The dogs, named Tango and Cash are okay.

 (Photo courtesy of KETV7) Mina Payton, the dogís owner, has filed a protection order against him. Payton stated that was only because she caught Cannon pouring a liquid into the bowl.† Payton asked Cannon what he was doing in her backyard and he responded that he was just giving her dogs some water.† Payton further stated that it was just about three minutes ago that she had come from outside after having given them water.† She stated she then walked to the bowl and was overwhelmed by a strong bleach odor.

Cannon who was visiting Paytonís neighbors home told officers that he was just throwing out dishwater with bleach.† He further stated that he may have accidentally gotten some in the dog bowl.


KETV 7 Omaha

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