Emmanuel A. Powe

10 dogs found, 6 euthanized, Pit Bull caretaker convicted of cruelty

Frederick, MD  Frederick County

May 3, 2006

Emmanuel A. Powe, 31, of the 1200 block of Palladian Way, who prosecutors believe was training Pit Bulls to fight in his feces-covered basement, pleaded guilty on Wednesday, August 9th, to animal cruelty charges.  Powe could face a year in jail and as much as $4,000 in fines for his conviction on four counts of neglecting 10 dogs in his care, according to testimony in Frederick County District Court.  Six other charges were dropped under a plea deal between the state and Defense Attorney Jack E. Blomquist.

Powe, who was paid to board some of the dogs for others, relinquished his animals to the Frederick County Division of Animal Control and returned the other dogs to their owners. Six of Powe’s 10 dogs had to be euthanized because they were too vicious to be adopted.

   (File photo courtesy of The Frederick News-Post)

Prosecutor Kirsten N. Brown stated Animal Control Officers found no food or water in the basement.  Once at Animal Control, the dogs consumed every drop of water and food placed in front of them.  She stated that feces was caked in the pads of their feet.

On May 3rd, Animal Control Officers investigated complaints of a strong odor and found the dogs hungry, thirsty and barking in the basement.  A treadmill and weight collars were found in the house, indicating the dogs were being trained to fight.  Powe’s wife was so frightened by the animals that she would not accompany Animal Control Officers after she agreed to let them search her basement.

Judge Oliver John Cejka, Jr. agreed to the prosecutor’s request to have sentencing delayed so a psychological evaluation of Powe could be completed.  No sentencing date was set.

Powe took responsibility for the conditions in which the dogs were kept.

Update November 16, 2006:

Powe was convicted of 4 counts of animal cruelty in August.  He could have been sentenced to a year in jail and fined as much as $4000.  The judge fined Powe $2,000; suspending all but $200 of the fines and court costs.  If Powe violates any conditions of his probation, he faces 6 months in jail.  Powe's convictions follow 3 earlier civil citations for similar offenses in Montgomery County, MS.

Powe began boarding pit bulls to raise extra income to support his wife and 7 children.


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