Who murdered Daisy

Russellville, AK

Feb 9, 2001

   Daisy's owner (Donna Carter) let her go outside as she did every morning and then went about cleaning the house. Daisy would scratch at the door when she wanted to come back in but on February 9th 2001 she did not. Donna called out for Daisy and she still did not return. Donna summoned her daughter from a friend's house, as she knew something was wrong. They went searching for Daisy in the neighborhood and door-to-door. A lady told them she had seen the dog and they went and found Daisy. Her stomach had been split open and she was dead. A police report was filed but to date there are no leads.

Daisy was buried under her favorite shade tree in the Carter's' back yard. She would have been 5 years old on February 14th - just 5 days after her murder.

If anyone has any information, please contact the Russellville police at 501-968-7466.

If anyone has ever lost a cherished angel (pet) you might want to visit the following website:



Daisy's guardian