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Daryl Lawson dumped a pregnant beagle outside during a snowstorm

Hamilton, OH

Butler County

February 11, 2010  
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    1 female beagle, 8 pups Convicted  

A beagle and her newborn pups survived this week's snowstorm after a man found them bedded down in the snow.

Chris Demoret, of Benzing Farms in Butler County, called the dog warden after he spotted the skinny dog giving birth to a litter of pups on his property.

The dog warden found the dog and seven puppies lying on a pile of straw she had dragged from a bale and buried in the snow.

"They are one lucky family of dogs to have been found," said Chief Julie Holmes, of the dog warden's office. "They would not have made it through the night in these frigid temperatures and snow-covered grounds."

  (Photo courtesy of WLWT)

Holmes said the dog had likely been dumped shortly before giving birth, because the farm has no neighbors near enough for her to have wandered there.

She brought the dogs to Animal Friends Humane Society in Hamilton for care, and they were placed in a foster home until the puppies are old enough to be spayed or neutered and then adopted.

Update 2/19/10:  A man who dumped a pregnant beagle during a snowstorm has turned himself in to authorities. David Lawson, of Hamilton, was accused of abandoning the dog near Benzing Farms in Butler County because he didn't want to care for her or her puppies. Lawson was charged with abandonment, animal cruelty, failure to have a license and running at large, authorities said. A March 3 court date was scheduled for Lawson, authorities said.

  (Photo courtesy of WLWT)

Update 3/31/10:  Lawson pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and abandoning animals in exchange for a suspended jail term.

A judge sentenced Lawson to 180 days in jail, with 175 days of that term suspended, and ordered him to spend two years on probation.

Lawson must also pay $750 in fines and perform 40 hours of community service at the Humane Society, and he may not live in a residence that has animals for two years.

As part of his plea agreement, a failure to restrain charge was dropped against Lawson.

The dog, which was named Valentine, gave birth to eight puppies, only five of which survived. The puppies are now seven-weeks old. Animal control officers said all the dogs were in good health and would soon be placed in adopted homes.