Doris Knight Puppy mill raided Marengo, OH Morrow County September 14, 2002

113 dogs and puppies were seized from filthy mobile homes on the property of Puppy mill owner Doris Knight.  The dogs include chihuahuas, dachshunds, boston terriers, pugs, Scottish terries, schnauzers, shelties, shepard's, retrievers, chows, maltese, bichons, poodles, yorkies and dobermans along with 3 birds and 1 cat.

The kennels were overrun with mice and rats.  Cages were found with old feces, urine and shredded paper, but little food or water, if any.  It is believed the dogs drank their own urine to survive.


(Photo's courtesy of Columbus Dog Connection)

All the dogs were taken to local veterinarians and the humane society and will be held until the outcome of the trial.  On September 28th, Knight was officially charged with 12 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty.  If convicted, Knight could face a maximum of 90 days in jail, $750.00 in fines for each of the 12 counts.

The veterinarian reports on the maltese found whipworm and hookworms as well as earmites and ear infections.  The dogs teeth are loose and have been diagnosed as having a grade 5 periodontal disease.  Most likely the teeth will be removed from the dogs.

2 of the chihuahua's also have tartar and bad teeth.  One of them is sure to have all his teeth pulled.  He will have to be on antibiotics for at least a month just to save his mouth.  Their nails are will have to gradually cut back to a normal length.


(Photo's courtesy of Columbus Dog Connection)

The Scotties are all on antibiotics for ear infections, fleas and hookworms.  Most of the dachshunds are anemic from having so many worms.  one had a broken leg and blown knee.  One of the pregnant dachshunds was so old she couldn't produce any more milk.

  (Photo courtesy of Columbus Dog Connection) The white german shepherd is heartworm positive, extremely arthritic, almost blind, has severe dental disease and is probably 10 years old.

The pugs are being treated for ear infections.  One has an ulcer on her left eye and one has cataracts,   All need dental work.

Almost all the nursing mothers are not producing enough milk to feed the pups because they are so malnourished.  Some of the older puppies don't have teeth yet because they aren't getting enough calcium from the little milk their mothers are producing.


Bladder stone removed from a Shi Tsu       nails so long they were curling


(Photo's courtesy of Columbus Dog Connection)

On March 31, 2003 Knight, age 60, plead guilty to 13 charges of animal cruelty and neglect.  Knight was sentenced to 195 days suspended jail time and $650.00 in fines; 3 years supervised probation; forfeiture of the dogs, birds & cat.  Knight will be allowed to keep 2 dogs but they will be spayed/neutered.

Knights brother, Carroll Dailey, rammed a white Chevy pickup into the dirt driveway and waived a handgun at the ground.   He was charged with aggravated menacing and carrying a concealed weapon.   Dailey was convicted of brandishing a loaded firearm at the raid.  The brother has acquired a kennel license and lives next door to his sister, however under the terms of her sentence she will not be allowed to participate in her brothers venture.

Before and after pictures




(Photo's courtesy of Precious Secrets Sheltie Rescue)


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