Dimitri Jackson and Latisha Britton

Raising dogs to fight

Columbus, OH

Aug. 2001

Jackson and Britton raised pitbulls in their backyard pens in Columbus, Ohio.

The two plead guilty to animal cruelty in raising the dogs to fight and kill. 4 of the dogs brutally killed a 5th dog by ganging up on it, dragging it from the bushes in the yard to a shed where they continued to bite at it until it was dead.

In at least three other instances, dogs were videotaped fighting with each other and not being given any veterinary care - only a hose down with water to get the blood off them. On one instance witnesses reported the dogs face being slammed into the gravel by Jackson.

 Jackson and Britton were sentenced on September 26, 2001. The judge ordered that they cannot have a dog or live anywhere or with anyone that has a dog of any kind for 5 years. They have been ordered to clean up the yard and house and take everything away that has to do with a dog from their current residence. They further must move out of the neighborhood they are living in and to have no contact with any of the defense witnesses. They have 60 days to comply and must reappear in court on November 20th with proof they are complying and to tell the judge where each of their dogs has been placed. If Jackson and Britton do not comply they will be sent to jail for up to 90 days.

Besides the neighbors as defense witnesses, the judge heard from an expert on breeding pit bulls and the President of the Breeding Association.


Court evidence videotape