David Holtzman and Timothy Schliesser

2 ‘puppy millers’ plead guilty to a federal misdemeanor charge

Somerset County, PA

July 26, 2006

David Holtzman and Timothy Schliesser, both 43, of Somerset County, pleaded guilty to a federal misdemeanor of selling puppies without a valid license and face up to 6 months in prison.

They were originally indicted on felony conspiracy charges, but federal prosecutors in Pittsburgh reduced the charges and both men pleaded guilty to the lesser charge on Monday, July 24th.  At the time when charges were filed, David Holtzman was a State Trooper at the Somerset Barracks. He is no longer employed at those barracks.

Prosecutors stated the pair falsified health certificates for Cockapoo, Bulldog and Pug puppies that they advertised for sale over the Internet and newspapers. These particular puppies were shipped from western Pennsylvania from December 1999 through October 2001.  The men reached a deal with state prosecutors in 2002 to stop doing business in Pennsylvania until the next year.

It is reported that many of the dogs arrived to customers with worms, mites and some were taken from their mothers too soon.

Holtzman and Schliesser will be sentenced on the federal misdemeanor charge Nov. 16th.


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