Lastname Firstname Casefile   sorted by Country, city, date Photos Case Status Other Crimes State City/Town Country Date
Unknown Unknown 3 turtles found with their front legs cut off Open Armidale Australia 11/01/2007
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed 31 horses surrendered yes Alleged Auckland Australia 04/01/2008
Unknown Unknown possum burned - euthanized Open  Bathurst Australia 11/18/2008
Unknown Unknown dog found impaled on fence, survives Open Bendigo Australia 08/09/2007
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed 70+ Chihuahua's seized Alleged Biggenden Australia 07/31/2007
Not Disclosed 65-year-old male stabbed his dog in the neck Alleged Cairns, Queensland Australia 09/13/2014
Unknown Unknown cat sexually assaulted, burned, euthanized Open  Carluke Close Australia 12/07/2007
Unknown Unknown Dogs poisoned Open  Forest Hill Australia 04/21/2008
Unknown Unknown kitten found with severed leg, survives yes Open  Karriny Australia 12/31/2008
Unknown Unknown cat decapitated yes Open  Mackay Australia 11/06/2008
Unknown Unknown dogfighting - 2 dogs found stabbed, 1 with slit throat Open  illegal gambling Melbourne Australia 06/28/2008
Unknown Unknown kitten found inside plastic shopping bag, dies Open  Midland Australia 12/31/2008
Unknown Unknown pup stolen, tortured Open  theft Moranbah Australia 10/16/2008
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed 97 animals seized, others found dead, some cannibalized Not charged Mount Morgan Australia 07/31/2007
Not Disclosed 23-year-old-male killed 2 dogs Alleged theft North Rockhampton Australia 01/02/2009
Unknown Unknown cat shot 27 times, survives Open  Portsmith Australia 02/27/2009
Unknown Unknown 3 kittens found, throats cut, disemboweled Open  Toowoomba Australia 12/01/2007
Not Disclosed 27-year-old male kitten kicked, killed in front of 2 year old female Alleged Toowoomba Australia 02/10/2008
Unknown Unknown cat shot in the leg yes Open  Waitara Australia 10/14/2008
Not Disclosed 18-year-old male police dog stabbed to death Alleged Wollongong Australia 12/09/2007
Unknown Unknown 32 dogs seized Open  Alliston   Canada 02/26/2002
Unknown Unknown Dog & Horse Abandonment  Open  Ashcroft   Canada 07/17/2003
Unknown Unknown 41 dogs seized Open  Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanesh   Canada 12/10/2001
Unknown Unknown horse shot, killed yes Open Athens Canada 07/31/2014
Not Disclosed 39-year-old male attacking seagulls, injuring one Alleged Barrie Canada 07/17/2008
Unknown Unknown 12-year-old Australian shepherd left dead on shelter doorstep Open  Barrie Canada 07/18/2008
Unknown Unknown Dog brutally beaten & abandoned  Open  Bilbao   Canada 05/08/2003
Unknown Unknown 5 dogs, 6 cats  Open  Calgary, Alberta Canada 11/06/2003
Unknown Unknown dog, kitten found dead with mouths taped yes Open Calgary, Alberta Canada 01/09/2014
Unknown Unknown dog found hog-tied & muzzled yes Open Calgary, Alberta Canada 02/03/2014
Unknown Unknown cat set on fire, put in clothes dryer Open  Chapleau Canada 06/16/2008
Unknown Unknown pup shot yes Open Chase, British Columbia Canada 04/21/2014
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed 16 dogs, 2 horses seized, other animals found dead yes Alleged Clearwater, British Columbia Canada 02/02/2014
Unknown Unknown cat shot yes Open Cranbrook, British Columbia Canada 04/21/2014
Not Disclosed female Chihuahua found with broken leg after being thrown in cement Alleged Crestova Canada 12/01/2008
Unknown Unknown 50+ dogs seized Open  Durham   Canada 03/02/2002
Unknown Unknown Animals left in Dumpsters  Open Edmonton Canada 08/02/2006
Unknown male horses sexually assaulted Open  Edmonton Canada 04/21/2008
Unknown Unknown Farm animal neglect - 300 sheep Open  Eldorado   Canada 07/00/2004
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed 63 dogs, 3 birds seized Not charged Erin Canada 06/09/2008
Unknown Unknown 6 dogs poisoned, 3 die Open  Etobicoke Canada 01/01/2008
Unknown Unknown cat tortured, killed Open  break-in Etobicoke Canada 08/24/2008
Unknown Unknown puppymill Open  Falkland   Canada 03/28/2003
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed 13 horses, 1 pig seized from farm Open  Findlater Canada 10/08/2008
Not Disclosed male neighbors cat impaled with a metal spike Alleged Glade Canada 12/01/2008
Unknown Unknown Dogs throat slashed Open  Gregoire Park Canada 01/10/2008
Not Disclosed female injured dog found with back legs bound with black plastic cable Alleged Holyrood Canada 06/21/2008
Unknown Unknown cats & dogs poisoned Open  Inglewood Canada 04/06/2008
Unknown Unknown Neglect of ~200 exotic animals  Open  Innisfil   Canada 04/20/2004
Unknown Unknown Animals killed at petting zoo  Open  Kamloops   Canada 04/27/2003
Unknown Unknown 100+ animals including apes seized Open  Kaslo   Canada 12/01/2002
Unknown Unknown 2 cats found cut in half Open  Kingston Canada 06/20/2008
Unknown 10 suspects dog with broken pelvis, found tied with rope around nose & leg Open  Kingston Canada 06/30/2008
Unknown Unknown Emaciated kitten thrown from moving vehicle  Open  Kingston   Canada 07/22/2003
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed 2 dogs shot, 1 dies yes Not charged Kingsville, Essex Canada 04/14/2014
Not Disclosed 37-year-old man killed 2 ducklings yes Alleged breach of probation Kitchener, Ontario Canada 05/22/2014
Not Disclosed female dog sexually assaulted Alleged Lakeshore Canada 04/25/2009
Unknown Unknown Pig farm neglect - 300 dead Open  Leamington   Canada 03/24/2003
Unknown 4 male suspects dog shot, survives Open  home invasion London Canada 02/16/2008
Unknown Unknown cat shot in the head, neck with BB gun, survives Open  Markham Canada 10/19/2007
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed 1 cat, ~100 dogs seized Alleged Meaford Canada 12/02/2008
Unknown Unknown 16 dogs & pups seized Open  Meaford   Canada 01/20/2004
Unknown Unknown 36 dogs seized Open  Mount Forest   Canada 08/20/2002
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed cat killed in washing machine Alleged Muskoka Canada 02/23/2008
Not Disclosed male dog drowned in pond Alleged New Harbour Canada 04/21/2009
Unknown Unknown German shepherd found in sewer, euthanized yes Open Niagara Falls Canada 06/19/2008
Unknown Unknown cat dragged behind car, dies Open  Niagara Falls Canada 07/02/2008
Not Disclosed male 19 cats, 10 pigeons seized, ~65 found dead Not charged Notre Dame de Grace Canada 08/17/2008
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed 46 cats, 6 kittens seized Not charged Oakville Canada 09/03/2008
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed 11 dogs, 5 cats, 2 birds seized Not charged Oshawa, Ontario Canada 02/12/2008
Unknown Unknown cat found with broken leg, shot 16 times yes Open Oshawa, Ontario Canada 03/14/2014
Unknown Unknown Cat stomped to death Open  Ottawa   Canada 06/07/2002
Unknown Unknown kitten shot, leg amputated Open Owen Sound Canada 06/27/2008
Unknown 2 males cat thrown into water, drowns Open  Owen Sound Canada 07/27/2008
Unknown Unknown cat set on fire, killed Open  Peace River Canada 07/27/2008
Unknown Unknown Seagull shot with arrow  Open  Penetanguishene   Canada 07/13/2003
Unknown Unknown Cat shot with pellet gun  Open  Penetanguishene   Canada 03/00/2004
Unknown Unknown cat found bleeding, euthanized because of muscle, nerve damage Open  Pickering Canada 10/13/2007
Unknown Unknown cat found hanging from lamppost yes Open  Ponoka Canada 03/29/2008
Unknown Unknown 28 Lhasa Apsos seized Open  Port Alberni   Canada 04/15/2003
Unknown Unknown Killed pet pig with knife Open  Preston   Canada 05/27/2003
Unknown Unknown 87 dogs seized Open  Princeton   Canada 05/29/2003
Not Disclosed male unnecessary suffering to a dog Alleged Ramea Canada 07/05/2008
Unknown Unknown let a dog starve to death yes Open Revelstoke, British Columbia Canada 04/21/2014
Not Disclosed 29-year-old female Chihuahua locked in hot car for day & a half Alleged Rexdale Canada 07/08/2008
Unknown Unknown 19 dogs seized Open Ripley Canada 07/10/2000
Unknown Unknown Cat shot in the face with pellet gun, survives Open Saanich Canada 12/13/2007
Unknown Unknown 51 dogs seized Open  Salmon Arm   Canada 03/27/2003
Not Disclosed 84-year-old male 26 dogs, 16 birds seized yes Alleged Sarnia, Ontario Canada 06/03/2008
Not Disclosed 19&20-year-old males cat shot 17 times in the head yes Alleged Sarnia, Ontario Canada 02/02/2014
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed 63 cats seized Alleged Saskatoon Canada 07/20/2003
Not Disclosed 18-year-old female pitbull used to sexually assault 12-year-old male Convicted Scarborough Canada 08/00/2003
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed 300+  rabbits seized Alleged Simcoe County Canada 03/13/2008
Unknown Unknown dog found dead tied to a tree Open St. George Canada 03/20/2010
Unknown Unknown dog shot, leg amputated Open Summerside Canada 02/22/2008
Unknown Unknown new mom dog found with mastitis & tumor Open Surrey Canada 03/04/2008
Unknown Unknown dog found with cut between eyes Open  Sydney Mines Canada 09/30/2007
Not Disclosed female emaciated dog dies Alleged Thunder Bay Canada 05/21/2008
Not Disclosed male emaciated dog dies Alleged Thunder Bay Canada 05/21/2008
Not Disclosed female emaciated dog dies Alleged Thunder Bay Canada 06/21/2008
Not Disclosed male emaciated dog dies Alleged Thunder Bay Canada 06/21/2008
Not Disclosed 84-year-old male 30 dogs seized yes Alleged Toronto Canada 06/04/2008
Unknown Unknown 6 dogs poisoned at drinking trough at public part Open  Toronto Canada 06/22/2008
Unknown Unknown cat shot with crossbow Open Toronto Canada 08/23/2009
Unknown Unknown Throwing a dog Open  Toronto   Canada 06/17/2003
Unknown Unknown dog set on fire, survives yes Open  Trail Canada 07/02/2008
Unknown Unknown 30 sea lions & harbor seals injured Open  Vancouver Island   Canada 04/26/2002
Unknown Unknown 180 dogs seized Open  Vaughan   Canada 08/25/2001
Unknown Unknown elderly dog severely neglected yes Open  Victoria Canada 09/10/2008
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed 2 pups starved to death, several dogs seized Alleged Windsor Canada 04/04/2008
Not Disclosed male pup kicked, choked, thrown Alleged Windsor Canada 04/04/2008
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed elderly dog abandoned on highway, struck by a car Open Winnipeg Canada 03/30/2010
Unknown Unknown dog found with 2nd degree burns on 80 percent of her head yes Open Winnipeg Canada 08/05/2007
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed yorkie found in garbage container with nose, eyes duct taped yes Alleged Winnipeg Canada 08/05/2007
Unknown Unknown Cat hung from window with rope  Open  Winnipeg   Canada 07/27/2003
Unknown Unknown dog rescued, rope cutting into his trachea yes Open Yellowknife, North West Territory Canada 03/04/2014
Unknown Elderly male 100+ dogs poisoned from 1989 to 2008 Open Hong Kong China 00/00/1989
Not Disclosed zookeeper zoo, executes giraffe, feeds it to the lions as children watch Not charged Coppenhagen Denmark 02/09/2014
Not Disclosed 26 people dogfighting-2 dogs died Convicted illegal gambling Alum Rock England 02/00/2006
Unknown Unknown cat repeatedly shot with air rifle, survives Open  Ashford England 10/04/2007
Unknown Unknown dog shot to death Open  burglary Astley England 10/18/2007
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed dog found malnourished Alleged Baldock England 07/30/2009
Unknown Unknown 2 dogs mauled, found floating on dock Open Birdenhead England 06/13/2006
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed dogfighting - 47 dogs seized Alleged illegal gambling Birmingham England 04/04/2006
Not Disclosed 3 people dogfighting - 4 dogs & 6 quail seized Alleged illegal gambling Birmingham England 02/24/2010
Unknown Unknown Stabbed a Rottweiler  Open  Birmingham   England 07/31/2003
Unknown Unknown ill kitten dumped at recycling center Open  Booker England 10/03/2007
Unknown Unknown 2 pups thrown into the river yes Open  Bournemouth England 01/02/2009
Unknown Unknown Afghan's hair overgrown, unable to walk because of the weight yes Open  Bradford England 12/21/2007
Unknown Unknown emaciated dog tied to lamppost yes Open  Bradford Moor England 03/12/2008
Unknown Unknown Gun Attack on Kitten  Open  Braintree   England 01/20/2004
Unknown Unknown cat shot Open Briar Close England 05/26/2009
Unknown Unknown dog left to die Open Brislington England 05/02/2009
Unknown Unknown 2 pups drowned in duffel bag Open  Cardiff England 10/31/2007
Unknown Unknown cat found hanged from tree Open  Castleford England 02/28/2008
Unknown Black male sexually assaulting sheep, 2 dead Open  Chislehurst England 06/09/2008
Unknown Unknown cat killed during dogfight Open illegal gambling Clapham England 08/00/2005
Unknown Unknown Pet rat microwaved  Open  Colwyn Bay, Wales England 05/27/2002
Unknown Unknown pitbull thrown into garden to attack another dog Open Conisbrough England 10/00/2006
Unknown Unknown horse cut on the nose yes Open Crymych England 04/06/2008
Unknown Unknown cat intentionally attacked by dog Open Cumbria England 06/17/2006
Unknown Unknown Impaling kitten on stick  Open  Derby   England 09/06/2001
Unknown Unknown cat shot, dies Open Derbyshire England 08/29/2009
Unknown Unknown Cat found hanging on garden fence  Open  Derbyshire   England 06/05/2004
Unknown Unknown dog shot in the head 2x with crossbow, survives yes Open Dewsbury England 07/25/2007
Unknown Unknown 2 lambs mutilated, killed within 1 week of each other Open  Ditchling England 10/03/2007
Unknown Unknown rabbit found in trash bin yes Open Dorset England 12/03/2008
Unknown Unknown dogfighting Open illegal gambling Drighlington England 02/12/2009
Unknown Unknown 5 endangered monkeys stolen from the Drusillas Park Zoo yes Open theft East Sussex England 06/19/2006
Unknown Unknown 5 marmoset monkeys stolen from a home in Darlington yes Open  theft Eastbourne England 05/14/2004
Unknown Unknown dogfighting Open illegal gambling Enfield England 04/01/2006
Unknown Unknown Killed pet rabbit  Open  Essex   England 01/07/2002
Unknown Unknown Attack on 80 year old tortoise  Open  Frome England 04/14/2003
Unknown Unknown horse shot to death Open Godstone England 09/24/2008
Unknown Unknown Dog found lying Motionless Open  Halton Moor England 03/00/2000
Unknown Unknown cat shot with airgun, dies Open  Hartlepool England 04/22/2008
Unknown Unknown Donkey mutilated  Open  Henfield England 04/12/2002
Unknown Unknown Baby Jackass Penguin named Toga stolen from Amazon World Zoo Park yes Open  theft Isle of Wight   England 12/00/2005
Unknown Unknown mutilated rabbit found hanging from tree Open Kent England 03/19/2008
Unknown Unknown horse legs bound tied to fence found starved, euthanized Open Kent England 04/21/2008
Unknown Unknown cat shot with airgun, survives Open  Kettering England 03/04/2008
Not Disclosed 9 people dogfighting raid called "Operation Gazpacho" yes Convicted illegal gambling Kexby England 12/01/2003
Unknown Unknown Dog skinning/mutilation  Open  Kitsap, Wales England 01/14/2004
Unknown Unknown Shot swan  Open  Lancashire   England 01/14/2003
Unknown Unknown Hacked ears off eight week old pup Open  Leeds   England 05/21/2003
Not Disclosed male dogfighting - 14 dogs seized Alleged illegal gambling Liverpool England 01/05/2007
Unknown Unknown ill neglected cat found  yes Open London England 07/16/2014
Unknown Unknown Attempted Smuggling - rare crocodiles found Open  London   England 07/14/2002
Not Disclosed male Dog dragged to death behind vehicle  Not Charged  London   England 01/00/2000
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed dogfighting - 17 dogs seized Alleged illegal gambling Lye England 01/12/2007
Unknown Unknown cat shot in the leg Open  Maidstone England 09/12/2008
Unknown Unknown badger baiting Open illegal hunting Maltby England 02/05/2007
Unknown Unknown cat shot Open Mareham le Fen England 06/22/2009
Unknown Unknown duck shot with airgun, survives Open  Maryport England 02/22/2008
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed dog dragged down street with his tail in car door Not charged Mascot England 04/27/2009
Not Disclosed 14 people dogfighting raid Alleged illegal gambling Merseyside England 01/11/2007
Not Disclosed 35&36-year-old males dog found with throat cut Alleged Middlesbrough England 02/08/2008
Unknown Unknown 14 sheep dead after setting a pack of dogs on them Open  Morpeth England 11/04/2007
Unknown Unknown cat shot with airgun, survives Open  Northamptonshire England 02/01/2008
Unknown Unknown Swan beaten to death  Open  Northamptonshire   England 05/13/2003
Unknown Unknown 15 monkeys stolen from the back garden of an Argyll cottage yes Open  theft Oban England 08/10/2004
Unknown Unknown cat shot in the stomach, survives Open  Oxfordshire England 11/30/2007
Unknown Unknown Dog thrown out of car  Open  Penkridge   England 04/17/2004
Not Disclosed 18-year-old male theft of a monkey from Shaldon Wildlife Trust yes Alleged burglary Shaldon, Devon England 03/14/2004
Unknown Unknown 5 squirrel monkeys stolen from the Shaldon Wildlife Trust yes Open burglary Shaldon, Devon England 08/01/2004
Unknown Unknown 11 rare monkeys stolen from the Shaldon Wildlife Trust yes Open burglary Shaldon, Devon England 09/11/2004
Unknown Unknown Threw dog from moving car  Open  South Wales England 08/16/2003
Not Disclosed male badger baiting convicted illegal hunting South Wales England 01/16/2005
Unknown Unknown cat shot, loses leg Open Southwick England 10/19/2009
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed badger baiting convicted illegal hunting Staffordshire England 01/00/2004
Unknown Unknown 20 pigs, a horse & others die in fire Open  arson Stanley England 06/03/2008
Unknown Unknown cat shot, stomped on, euthanized Open  Stockton-on-Tees England 08/25/2008
Unknown Unknown dog intentionally attacked Open Wallasey England 03/00/2006
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed dog intentionally attacked Alleged Wallasey England 06/00/2006
Unknown Unknown dog found wandering with facial injuries yes Open  dogfighting suspected Wearside England 10/15/2007
Unknown Unknown Swan beaten with stones  Open  Whiston England 01/14/2003
Unknown Unknown 5 grey seals found beheaded Open Whitley Bay England 01/11/2010
Unknown Unknown Shot cat over 20 times Open  Wirral, Merseyside   England 03/27/2002
Unknown Unknown Exotic animals stolen from French Zoo's Open  theft France 05/00/2005
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Tiger dies from cyanide poisoning Open Bannerghatta India 03/20/2010
Unknown Unknown 16 lion cubs stolen from Jakarta Zoo Open  theft Jakarta Indonesia 00/00/2000
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed 20 dogs seized Not charged Abbeyleix Ireland 03/13/2008
Unknown Unknown endangered bird shot, killed Open Arklow Ireland 07/31/2007
Unknown Unknown pup set on fire, thrown from vehicle Open Ballymun Ireland 07/16/2009
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed cat thrown into bonfire Not charged Dublin Ireland 10/23/2009
Unknown Unknown penguin stolen from Dublin Zoo yes Open theft Dublin Ireland 07/09/2010
Unknown Unknown cat held down while dog attacked Open Limerick City Ireland 03/21/2007
Unknown Unknown kitten thrown from vehicle Open Newlands Cross Ireland 07/16/2009
Unknown Unknown dogs poisoned to death Open Wexford Ireland 05/01/2009
Not Disclosed 38-year-old male strangled a stray cat in Tokyo Park, another left to starve in car Convicted Kawasaki Japan 05/00/2002
Unknown Unknown construction workers beat dog, crushing her lower jaw yes Open Malaysia 12/02/2006
Not Disclosed male head bitten of mouse, killed Alleged Devonport New Zealand 02/08/2008
Not Disclosed 39-year-old male possession of animal pornography Convicted Lambton Quay New Zealand 02/00/2004
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed sheep's jaw blown off Alleged Mount Maunganui New Zealand 04/19/2009
Not Disclosed farm owner & manager shot cow impaled on steel fork of tractor's front-end loader, dies Alleged Ohakune New Zealand 09/04/2008
Not Disclosed 68-year-old male Goat sexually assaulted Convicted Rangiora New Zealand 12/17/2007
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed emaciated dog seized yes Alleged Rotorua New Zealand 12/24/2007
Not Disclosed male microwaved pet cat  Alleged  South Auckland   New Zealand 03/00/2004
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed dogfighting - 28 dogs seized Not charged illegal gambling Armagh Northern Ireland 01/04/2007
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed 300+ pigs & other farm animals neglected, dead yes Alleged Banbridge Northern Ireland 04/03/2008
Unknown Unknown badger baiting Alleged illegal hunting Belfast Northern Ireland 10/00/2006
Unknown Unknown dog attacked by other dogs, beaten by humans Open Derry Northern Ireland 04/00/2005
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed dogfighting - 12+ dogs seized Alleged illegal gambling Dromara Northern Ireland 01/09/2006
Unknown Unknown dogfighting - illegal breeding Open illegal gambling Dromara Northern Ireland 01/00/2006
Unknown Unknown killed dog  Open  burglary Lisburn   Northern Ireland 03/20/2004
Unknown 2 adults dogs stolen for bait dog Open theft Ulster Northern Ireland 02/00/2005
Unknown Unknown dog found hanged yes Open  Halifax Nova Scotia 04/07/2008
Unknown Unknown lion cub stolen from zoo Open  theft Gaza Strip Palestine 00/00/2000
Not Disclosed 2 people 2 employees of Animal Control Solutions hurled ~80 pets off a bridge Alleged Barceloneta Puerto Rico 10/15/2007
Unknown Unknown show dog found dead after carjacking Open Carolina Puerto Rico 11/12/2007
Not Disclosed Couple & 2 sons 181 dogs, cats & 2 exotic birds seized Alleged Ponce Puerto Rico 07/03/2008
Unknown Unknown dog dies from heat exhaustion in stolen car Open  San Juan Puerto Rico 11/12/2007
Unknown male threw a dog to a polar bear to distract it from attacking woman yes Not charged Chukotka Russia 03/02/2013
Unknown Unknown Dog neglect  Open  Aberdeen   Scotland 01/23/2002
Unknown Unknown Cult-like attacks on horses  Open  Aberdeen   Scotland 10/22/2002
Unknown Unknown Shot & killed neighbors pet Open  Anderson County   Scotland 07/30/2003
Unknown Unknown dog found by side of the road, euthanized yes Open  Angus Scotland 06/07/2008
Unknown Unknown Kitten decapitated Open  Auchenblae, Kincardineshire   Scotland 07/11/2004
Unknown Unknown Animal neglect - 40+ animals Open  Beaufort   Scotland 09/25/2003
Not Disclosed 25-year-old male dogfighting Alleged illegal gambling Birmingham Scotland 05/01/2007
Unknown Unknown Cat shot with air rifle, survives Open  Bowriefauld Scotland 02/23/2008
Unknown Unknown pitbull pup stolen  Open  theft Chester City   Scotland 01/24/2004
Unknown Unknown dog poisoned while walking with owner Open  Fochabers Scotland 03/02/2008
Unknown Unknown cat shot Open Gilmerton Scotland 06/16/2009
Unknown Unknown 3-day-old pups tail cut off, pup thrown away to die, survives Open  Leven Scotland 09/21/2007
Not Disclosed 18-year-old male badger baiting - 17 dogs seized Alleged illegal hunting Lothian Scotland 03/04/2007
Unknown Unknown pair of mute swans shot to death Open  Renfrewshire Scotland 11/24/2007
Unknown Unknown Kitten stuffed in postbox  Open  Sighthill Scotland 02/27/2002
Unknown Unknown cat shot over 40 times, leg amputated yes Open  South Queensferry Scotland 03/31/2008
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed 131 cattle & goats, 13 greyhounds, 20 hens, 2 cockerels seized Alleged Alquazas Spain 01/19/2008
Unknown Unknown Dog beaten & covered with concrete Open  Barcelona   Spain 10/13/2003
Unknown Unknown Dog severely beaten, ears cut  Open  BCN   Spain 04/00/2004
Unknown Unknown Dog abandoned with destroyed leg  Open  Cadiz   Spain 08/00/2003
Unknown Unknown Greyhound beaten & cut with pocket knife Open  Cádiz   Spain 02/24/2003
Unknown Unknown Dog found tied with wire Open  Cádiz   Spain 02/25/2003
Unknown Unknown Illegal circus Open  Cádiz   Spain 03/11/2003
Unknown Unknown Galgos stolen - one was found dead Open  theft Cádiz   Spain 03/16/2003
Unknown Unknown dog beaten, sexually abused, killed yes Open  Carcaixent Spain 06/02/2008
Unknown Unknown German shepherd hanged  Open  El Ferrol   Spain 06/26/2004
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed homeless dog stoned, tortured to death Alleged Guilmar Spain 10/02/2009
Unknown Unknown Poked dogs eyes out  Open  La Palmilla, Málaga   Spain 10/00/2001
Unknown Unknown Greyhound escapes hanging but dies from injuries Open  Las Venta De Retamosa   Spain 04/00/2002
Unknown Unknown Dog beaten & mutilated  Open  León   Spain 12/09/2002
Unknown Unknown Hunting & killing Free roaming cows Open  Llamas de Cabrera   Spain 03/01/2003
Unknown Unknown female dog severely beaten by owner  Open  Logroño   Spain 05/28/2003
Unknown Unknown Greyhound found with ripped flesh Open  Madrid   Spain 03/00/2003
Unknown Unknown Roll game to kill cats  Open  Madrid   Spain 05/00/2003
Unknown Unknown Abusers break into shelter, kill several animals Open  break-in Málaga   Spain 10/09/2001
Unknown Unknown pitbull stolen from shelter Open  theft Málaga   Spain 11/25/2002
Unknown Unknown 1-month-old pup set ablaze  Open  Mataró   Spain 05/00/2002
Unknown Unknown Hanging of Greyhounds  Open  Medina Del Campo   Spain 02/12/2003
Unknown Unknown Left dog tied to cart Open  Palacio de Torío, León   Spain 12/28/2002
Unknown Unknown 5 wild horses shot to death  Open  Sabucedo   Spain 03/15/2003
Unknown Unknown Releasing dogs in cat kennels  Open  Salamanca   Spain 08/05/2004
Unknown Unknown 1-year-old pony has back leg injury Open  Sant Cugat   Spain 05/00/2004
Unknown Unknown Neglect of dog  Open  Toledo   Spain 10/10/2002
Unknown Unknown female cat thrown in a bonfire Open  Torrent   Spain 03/21/2003
Unknown Unknown female Dog Burned  Open  Torrent   Spain 08/18/2003
Unknown Unknown dog mutilated, dies Open Utrera Spain 10/06/2009
Unknown Unknown 2 dogs beaten to death Open  Villanueva de los Barros   Spain 05/12/2003
Unknown Unknown 5 dogs stolen from local shelter  Open  theft Zaragoza   Spain 04/15/2003
Unknown Unknown Lion cub stolen from Kharkov Zoo Open  theft Kharkov Ukraine 06/12/2003