Lastname Firstname Casefile Photos Case Status Other Crimes State City/Town Country Date
Oakes Felicia 2 dogs seized, 5 found dead Alleged OH Oak Hill USA 08/04/2008
Oakley-Pyle Rebekah J. Bestiality & child pornography Alleged  MI Harrison USA 02/17/2005
Oberkirsch Janis animal cruelty Convicted  TN   La Vergne   USA 02/00/2004  
Obiedo Thomas shot, killed 10 sheep, goats and 1 dog Alleged NM Bloomfield USA 07/29/2007
Ochoa Jose Luis cockfighting - died from injury from 1 fighting rooster Not charged CA Kerns County USA 02/09/2014
Ochoa Salvador Cockfighting Alleged  illegal gambling CA   San Bernardino   USA 01/23/1999
O'Donnell Chris Horse and dog neglect Convicted  NJ   Vineland   USA 08/22/2003  
Ogden Loyce 124 cats found, 71 found dead yes Convicted OH Springfield USA 09/11/2008
Oh Jeong Terrier dragged behind car  Convicted  VA   Great Falls   USA 06/28/2003  
Ohlhauser Carolyn A. 165 dogs seized Alleged OR Gaston USA 04/24/2008
Ojeda Paul Hoarding  Convicted  CA   San Diego   USA 01/31/2003  
Okogbaa Timothy, Frederick choked a dog to death yes Alleged marijuana production, probation violation FL Gainseville USA 05/13/2014
O'Kula Donna 22 chickens, 10 goats, 2 horses & 2 peacocks seized Alleged OR Bend USA 01/30/2008
Olan Joseph Neglect of a dog Convicted  violated court order London   Canada 02/14/2001  
Olan Joseph Violating "no possession" court order  Convicted  London   Canada 02/29/2000  
Oliver Crystal L. pup tethered to mailbox Alleged KY Princeton USA 08/10/2008
Olivera Claudioberto Diehl Cockfighting, 130 roosters seized, 25 found dead Alleged illegal gambling NC Ramseur USA 01/31/2009
Olivo Francisco Javier Cockfighting - 180 birds seized Alleged illegal gambling TX New Caney USA 12/14/2008
Olney Randall Lee dragged a cat down Arizona 51 highway Plea agreement AZ Phoenix USA 05/14/2005
Olsen Brandon ~400 sick animals seized Alleged NC Denver USA 08/26/2008
Olsen James L. dogfighting Alleged  NM   Carslbad   USA 11/16/2001  
Olson Darcy Lee Bit throat out of live rabbit  Convicted  OR   Multnomah County   USA 09/00/2001  
Olson Kelly Joe 18 horses, 1 pot-bellied pig seized, 3 horsed found dead Alleged IA New Hampton USA 03/09/2008
Olson Ronda Neglect of 5 horses Alleged  IN   Jackson Township   USA 07/06/1991  
Oman, Jr. Earl Trapped cat and set on fire  Alleged  PA   Briar Creek Township   USA 11/26/2001  
Ommart Mark Edward Stabbing a 6-month-old horse  Convicted  IN   Crown Point   USA 11/10/1991  
O'Neal Joseph Ray Stabbed girlfriends dog Yes Alleged  murdered mother & stepfather OR Portland   USA 04/02/2006
O'Neil Robert S. Pitbull beaten with sledgehammer Alleged  IL   Naperville USA 06/03/2006
Onunwah Godwin Collins Teacher suffocated rabbit in special ed class Acquitted  CA   Los Angeles   USA 12/31/2000  
Ornelas Jesse cockfighting Alleged CA San Jose   USA 07/17/1999
Ornelas Maximo Trinidad cat poisoned with methamphetamine Not charged ID Pocatello USA 07/15/2005
Orozco Simon Azragoza Cockfighting - 800 birds found, 22 people arrested Alleged illegal gambling CA   Fiddletown USA 05/15/2005
Orozco-Silva Jorge kitten killed Alleged CO Longmount USA 07/29/2008
Orr Sharon goats, birds, dogs, rabbits living in makeshift shelters seized Alleged East Gore Canada 10/12/2007
Orszulak Darlene Kennel operator faces 61 animal cruelty Alleged  PA   Latrobe   USA 03/23/2004  
Ort Sarah Starves Dogs to Death  Alleged  PA   State College   USA 07/25/2004  
Ortega Elva pup found with embedded collar Alleged TX El Paso USA 06/01/2009
Ortiz Alfredo Cockfighting - 53 roosters seized Alleged SC Early Branch USA 04/18/2009
Ortiz Carlos Vazquez Politician found with cats that were kicked to death, posted on blog yes Alleged Talavera de la Reina Spain 10/30/2007
Ortiz Maria Cockfighting - 53 roosters seized Alleged SC Early Branch USA 04/18/2009
Ortiz Poliocarpo Possession of cockfighting paraphernalia  Convicted  illegal gambling CA   San Diego   USA 01/00/2003  
Ortiz Poliocarpo Possession of cockfighting birds  Convicted  illegal gambling CA   San Diego   USA 08/05/2002  
Osborne Chris Horse neglect  Alleged  OH   Springboro   USA 11/00/2003  
Osborne Kenneth possession of animal & child pornography Convicted England 02/00/2006
Osborne Sherrie Horse neglect Alleged  OH   Springboro   USA 11/00/2003  
Osborne Thames "Tim" 20 animals removed from New Hope Farm, 2 dogs, horses found dead yes Convicted IN New Paris USA 02/17/2009
Osgood Joanie 3 horses seized from neglect yes Alleged NH Northfield USA 04/25/2014
Osguthorpe, DVM D.A. veterinarian starving 75 sheep in snow not charged UT Big Cotton Canyon USA 12/00/1996
Oshodin Osahon Hacked dog to death with machete  Alleged  OH   Toledo   USA 07/30/2002  
Oshodin Osaigbovo Hacked dog to death with machete  Alleged  OH   Toledo   USA 07/30/2002  
Osorio Filibonio Arellano Cockfighting, 130 roosters seized, 25 found dead Alleged illegal gambling NC Ramseur USA 01/31/2009
Otero Héctor 18 dogs living in deplorable condition Not charged Naranjito Puerto Rico 07/30/2008
Ott Melissa Lee 6 dogs seized Alleged NC Silver Valley USA 04/11/2008
Outland Joe dogfighting - 2 dogs found dead, 4 euthanized Alleged NC Gatesville USA 01/17/2008
Overbey Gary Don Chopped dog's head off with axe  Alleged  OK   Oklahoma City   USA 05/26/2003  
Owen Christopher 2 dogs found nearly starved to death Convicted Wolverhampton England 12/07/2007
Owen Zac 2 dear beaten to death Convicted TX Iraan USA 10/10/2007
Owens Johnny Christopher Dog sexually abused Alleged  CA   Lucerne Valley USA 03/13/2006
Owens Walter 8 horses seized  Alleged  AR   Texarkana   USA 05/10/2002
Ozcan Tuncay Sexually assaulting horse  Convicted  Southampton   England 07/15/2003