Lastname Firstname Casefile Photos Case Status Other Crimes State City/Town Country Date
Imperial-Ramos Ernesto Carjacking leads to police dog death Alleged  AZ   Tucson USA 05/27/2006
Irwin Marc kitten shot to death Alleged CA Woodlake USA 01/16/2008
Iniquez Jose Horse fell out of trailer Alleged  CA   Cuesta Grade   USA 02/00/2003  
Ingles Justin Richard Animal abuse  Alleged  IA   Cedar Rapids   USA 06/04/2003  
Ison Richard E. "Ricky" poaching an elk calf Alleged KY Elliot USA 12/00/1998
Issette Ivan G. 95 dogs, 7 birds seized yes Alleged MD Brunswick USA 05/05/2011
Issette Patsy L. 95 dogs, 7 birds seized yes Alleged MD Brunswick USA 05/05/2011
Iames Christa Dog starved Not Charged  NJ Cape May USA 05/00/2006
Ingram Ellemar Abandoning 20 dogs  Convicted  OH   Middletown   USA 08/13/2000  
Ishom Raymond pitbull fighting  Alleged  OH   Silverton   USA 02/18/2001  
Ibrahim Ishaq dogfighting - 4 dogs seized Convicted PA Philadelphia USA 07/26/2007
Ibargue Hector Manuel Cockfighting - 53 roosters seized Alleged SC Early Branch USA 04/18/2009
Island Jr. Ellis Wayne dogfighting - 187 dogs, 1 horse, snakes seized yes Dismissed  illegal gambling TX Houston USA 11/14/2008
Inderjeet Singh Willfully caused unnecessary pain and suffering Dismissed  Mississauga   Canada 06/27/2001  
ITV Broadcaster killing rat on reality tv show Convicted Sydney Australia 12/06/2009