3-year old Boxer shot in eye

Wichita, KS

July 4, 2006

On July 4th, Katherine McComb let her Boxer named Copper, out into the backyard around midnight to relieve himself.† Moments later she heard him whimpering.† When she let him in, she was shocked to see that his eye was full of blood.† She rushed him to an emergency vet clinic where doctors had to remove his eye.† They found a single BB pellet in his sinus cavity, where it will permanently be lodged.† His eye had to be removed.

McComb states that Copper is often suspicious and nervous.† She and her family are in disbelief that anyone could commit such an act of animal cruelty.† Itís a crime that may go unpunished, as there are not witnesses and no suspects.

Police are investigating but this act of cruelty may never see justice.† Under the new Magnumís Law, if someone is caught they could face felony charges, punishable with jail time and hefty fines.

Copperís case has caught the attention of the Humane Society and they may offer a reward for information.