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Chad M. Moore, 39 trainer abandoned 16 thoroughbred horses, 10 die; 1 donkey, 1 pony

Bethel, OH

Clermont County

December 29, 2009  
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outstanding warrants for DUI , theft and failure to pay child support 16 horses, 1 donkey, 1 pony Alleged  

The Clermont County Animal Control Office is working with the Clermont County Sheriff's office to track down a man who apparently left 17 horses for dead. Chad Moore, 39, could be facing several charges of animal cruelty or abandonment in the death of 10 horses at his training facility at 2200 Donald Road, just south of Bethel.

  (Photo courtesy of WCOP)   Moore was living at his parents' Donald Road residence with his wife. They apparently left the property some time ago.

"We were called to the property by a neighbor who reported horses on the property had apparently been abandoned," Clermont County Chief Animal Control Officer Debra Wood said. "When we arrived we were not prepared for what we found, all those carcasses and some severely malnourished animals."

According to a press release, Wood's office found 10 horses that had died from malnutrition on the property. There were also six horses, a donkey, and a pony that were still trying to graze in a back pasture. According to a veterinarian called in on the case, all of the animals were malnourished.

"This is one of the worst horse cruelty cases I've ever dealt with," Wood, a 23-year-veteran of the department, said. "It just makes me sick."

Wood said while the animals recovered from the farm are being cared for at a local farm, more could die.

The Clermont County Sheriff's Office has speculated that Moore may have fled the area to avoid three outstanding warrants. He has two outstanding warrants for failure to pay child support and one warrant for a DUI and speed offense.

A spokesperson for the CCSO said their office will continue to be on the look out for Moore, as they are with all residents with outstanding warrants.

The Animal Control Office is currently working with the Clermont County Prosecutors office to bring charges against Moore for animal cruelty or abandonment, each charge is a second degree misdemeanor and if convicted Moore could face 90 days in jail and up to a $750 fine for each offense.

Update 12/31/09: A horse trainer that was wanted on warrants and under investigation for the neglect and death of several horses in Bethel is now behind bars.

  (Photo courtesy of WCPO)  Moore was arrested at the Roof Inn on Mt. Carmel-Tobasco Road in Union Township.

Clermont County Animal Control Officers served a search warrant at his family's property on Donald Road earlier this week. They found at least 10 horse carcasses, six horses, a pony, and a donkey, allegedly abandoned by Moore. Officials say the death toll could rise.

Moore was arrested without incident and told authorities he was planning on surrendering later that day through his attorney. He is expected to face additional charges, including animal cruelty.

Moore is currently behind bars at the Clermont County Jail.

Update 1/19/10:  River Downs has decided to take a pro-active step to help save endangered horses.

(Photo courtesy of Chris Hondros/Getty Images)  The race track says it will designate a "surrender stall" for any horses needing care.

The decision stems from the deaths of 12 horses that had been in the care of a Clermont County “trainer” who used the River Downs track.

The new stall will be available once the track opens for racing, sometime around mid-April.


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