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Not disclosed elderly dog abandoned on highway, struck by a car

Winnipeg, Canada

March 30, 2010  
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    1 15-year-old german shepherd-terrier mix Open  

A rural animal control officer says she's shocked at the treatment of a neglected elderly dog who was dumped on a highway north of Winnipeg and struck by another car.

Bonnie Riddell said the highway incident is just the latest chapter in what appears to be the very sad story of the 15-year-old female German shepherd-terrier mix.

"It's disgusting that people would do this," Riddell said. "It's sick. This is one of the worst cases I've ever seen."

Riddell said calls came in from witnesses after motorists on Highway 8, about five kilometres north of Highway 67, saw a car and a truck stop on the west side of the road and toss the dog before speeding off southbound.

The dog was then struck by another passing vehicle that fortunately swerved, limiting the impact on the critter.

The witnesses comforted the dog until Riddell arrived and transported her to the Selkirk Animal Hospital for medical care.

A vet kept her overnight on intravenous fluids and she appears to have suffered only bruises from the roadway incidents and is eating and drinking.

But that's only the latest of the dog's problems.  "To add insult to injury in this dog's life, wherever she had been kept up until being left on the highway, the people could not have been doing anything for her," Riddell said.  "This poor old girl has suffered for a long time."

Riddell said the dog, whose name she was able to ascertain as "Tribe" by tracing an ear tattoo back to the clinic where the dog was spayed years ago, was severely malnourished and was suffering from rotting teeth, cataracts and nails that had been left to grow so long she could barely walk.

"This really is horrible," Riddell said. "We've seen lots of bad stuff on a daily basis, but this is just awful due to the age of the dog and the way this dog's been neglected for a very long time."

Via the tattoo, Riddell said she was able to trace Tribe to a Winnipeg address, but it is not known whether or not that was her home up until when she was dumped.

The animal control officer said she would like to pursue animal-cruelty charges against those who dumped Tribe. As the municipality will not pay for more than emergency medical care, Riddell said if the dog is not adopted, she may be euthanized.

"We're hoping some kind person out there will take care of vet costs to have this poor old dog looked after," Riddell said.

Reference:  The Toronto Sun