Who, age What Where Last known address When
Unknown "Liz" dog stolen by someone pretending to be its owner

Canaan, NH

Grafton County

Newport, NH February 12, 2009
Type of Crime Other crimes #/Type of animal involved
  Not known 1 white West Highland terrier

Canaan Police have issued a bulletin about a dog taken by someone pretending to be it's rightful owner.

Police said the dog, a white West Highland terrier, has serious health issues which could prove fatal if not treated and requires daily treatment.

Police said the terrier was one of 2 dogs found along Route 4 in West Canaan on February 12.  The person who found the dogs sent them to town resident Fran Murphy, who used to run a kennel at her residence.  Descriptions of the found dogs were then passed along to local businesses and the local Listen Thrift Store in Canaan posed a sign providing information about the dogs.

A short time later, police said, a woman called Murphy and claimed the terrier had run away from her mother's house in Newport.  The woman claimed her name was Liz and she was a Newport resident.  However, the actual owner of the dogs arrived soon afterwards to claim the pets, and discovered the woman had already claimed the terrier and left.

Police describe the woman who took the dog as in her 40s.  She is about 5 feet and 2 inches tall and weighed about 180 pounds.  She had shoulder-length red hair and drove an older model, dark blue minivan with NH plates.  Police also said the van has a bobble head of a dalmation on the dashboard and a sticker on it indicating the owner is a "proud parent of a military son."

Anyone with information about the van's driver or identity, or who may have seen her or her vehicle at the thrift shop, is asked to call the Canaan Police Department at 603-523-7400.


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