Charanda Terry

4 warrants served for 84 combined charges of animal cruelty

Henderson, NC  Vance County

 August 11, 2006

  (Photo courtesy of The Daily Dispatch)

Charges against Terry, age 27 of 115 Main St. stemmed from a complaint filed by neighbors regarding a stray dog in their yard. Vance officers located the dog when it went through the shrub row behind the complainants home and into its owners yard.  When questioned why the dog had not received medical attention, Terry told animal control officers that she wasn't working and couldn't afford it.  Officers saw bread floating in water - left to feed the dog.

Terry's black pit bull was extremely skinny, dehydrated, had mange, and suffered from a sore that started the right hip, stretched across his back and ended on the left side of the dog's tail.  The dog also had pus coming out of its eyes, a common symptom of mange.

Terry is charged with unlawfully and willfully did intentionally deprive of necessary sustenance denying of medical attention, and living in unsanitary condition(s)


The Daily Dispatch