Charles "Brian" Meeks drove over a number of ducks & geese in a parking lot

Lafayette, IN

Tippecanoe County

November 25, 2008

A Lafayette man faces several counts of animal cruelty after witnesses say he drove over a number of ducks and geese in a Columbian Park parking lot.

Witness Wayne Wise said he had just fed the birds when a Midland Meals truck pulled in near Jenks Rest.

"He accelerated into the ducks and ran over a bunch of them and killed ten of them and undoubtedly injured a lot more ducks," Wise said.

Lafayette Police officer Shawn Sherry said Charles "Brian" Meeks, 42, appeared to have "floored it" when he approached the flock of birds.

"A patron, a visitor of the park, had just finished putting a bunch of birdseed and other things for the ducks and geese to eat. There were a whole bunch of ducks and geese eating," he said.

  (Photo courtesy of KRQE)  Ten ducks and one goose were killed.

Midland Meals Executive Director Elaine Brovont says Meeks is currently suspended from his job until further investigation.