Henry A. & Tabitha Sadowski & Thomas A. Brundige

Dog severely beaten with baseball bat and left to die

Auburn, WA

July 27, 2006

(Photo courtesy of KOMO 1000 News) Auburn Police and King County Animal Officers are looking for a man and woman who severely beat a dog with a baseball bat and left him to die.

(Photo courtesy of KCAC) The Labrador mix suffered several skull fractures and brain welling.  He is currently at the Five Corners Veterinary Clinic in Burien, resting comfortably though it is not known if the dog will die or have lasting brain injury.

The couple were described as transient by witnesses.  They took turns beating the dog with the bat.  The incident occurred at 41st. SE, just east of D St. SE in Auburn, WA .  If caught the couple will be charged with a Class C felony for animal cruelty.

As of Friday, July 28th, they were not yet in police custody but police had a lead on where to find them.

The HSUS has offered a reward of $2,500 for information leading to the arrest of the suspects.  Go to http://www.friendsofkcac.com for details.

Update 8/2/06:  Buddy has been transferred from the care of the veterinary hospital in Burien to the care of the King County Animal Services Veterinary Staff. The staff says even though Buddy has gone through so much, he still trusts people enough to let them enter his run and be petted.

Update  8/9/06:

  Buddy's attackers have been identified as Henry and Tabitha Sadowski and Thomas Brundige.  Police released the names and photographs of 2 men who are suspects in the July 27th baseball bat beating of a Labrador-mix,now named "Buddy".  Henry Sadowski, who is in his early 20's, Thomas Brundige, who is in his early 50's and Tabitha Sadowski, who is in her early 20's who police believe witnessed the attack on Buddy near the White River in the city's south end.  All three individuals have outstanding warrants for their arrests.  Police state they are considered to be dangerous.

Update 8/12/06: 

(Photo courtesy of KCAC)  Buddy is now up for adoption at the KCAC in Kent, WA.  Buddy's medical expenses were paid for totally by donations to the KCAC.  The Sadowski's have been arrested.  Brundige turned himself in - all were booked on animal-cruelty charges.  Brundige as also booked on an outstanding felony warrant.

Update 10/21/06:

  (Photo of Thomas Brundige, courtesy of Gary Kissel, King County Journal)   Sadowski and Brundige plead guilty to beating Buddy and were each sentenced to 9 months in jail.  Both men were charged with 1st degree animal cruelty and agreed to guilty pleas in exchange for 9 month sentences.  Sadowski has a 1-year-old daughter and will be eligible for a work release program while in jail.  Brundige will serve his time in jail concurrently with a 1 year jail sentence he is serving for a previous misdemeanor charge of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes.  Judge White also ordered that neither man may harbor an animal or live in a residence where there is an animal.  The charges were dropped against Tabitha Sadowski.

  (Photo courtesy of NewsChannel 21)  Buddy has now improved to the point here he was neutered and has been put up for adoption.


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