Unknown cat tortured and burned Galveston, TX Galveston County October 19, 2003

Police were called to the 1200 block of Avenue L about 5:30pm after receiving a 911 call that a cat was found dead, tied and burned.

Katherine Castleschouldt, the owner of the 1 1/2 year old male cat was asked to identify her cat named Big Cream Cheese.

Big Cream Cheese was found with a rope tied around a back leg and extended to and around the other back leg, like a lasso.  The cat had been strung up and burned in the hip area.

Castleschouldt stated "He died in great prolonged pain" "Someone took pleasure in torturing and burning this cat.  Someone dangerous".

On October 28th another cat (a 4 month old male) was found dead in the grass near a curb in the 1100 block of 21st St.  The cat had been tied with rope, burned and tortured.  The police believe juveniles are responsible both these animal cruelty cases.

This is not the first time police investigated juveniles for killing a cat.  In October 2002 along an alley near 38th St. and Avenue M several youths were charged but the case was dismissed in an agreement where they would participate in animal sensitivity exercises.

Also in April 2003 juveniles were suspected in another cats death.  The cat was found entangled in twine and appeared to have been strung up between fences on opposite sides of an alley in the 1300 block of 55th St.

There is a reward of $2,500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for these violent crimes.

Anyone with information about these cases is encouraged to contact the Galveston Police Department at 409-797-3700.