Unknown cat decapitated


Queensland, Australia

November 6, 2008

A cat described by its owner as the “perfect pet” has been decapitated and hacked to pieces before being dumped at a primary school in Queensland.

  (Photo courtesy of Macquarie National News)  The four-year-old pet, Basil, was found in a playground at Northview State Primary School in Mackay after running away from its home.

An necropsy on the cat confirmed that a human was responsible for the grisly finding. Mackay police are investigating.

Basil’s owner, Kylie Matthews, said her cat was “part of the family”.  “I have been a mess. Basil was the perfect pet. I just want the police to find the people who did this,” Ms. Matthews told the Courier Mail.

“He was butchered. The necropsy said the cuts were clean.”

RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty said the incident was the latest in a spree of acts of cruelty against animals in recent months.

Three weeks earlier, a fox terrier puppy was allegedly stolen and tortured with a pocket knife and secateurs in Moranbah, near Mackay.

“I hope this is not a copy-cat situation,” Mr. Beatty told the Mail.

“We must treat this seriously as a society. Torturing an animal is only one step away from torturing a human; the links have been clearly established.”


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