Bao Quiang Zhang beat a dog to death Aibonito, Puerto Rico April 15, 2008

A man was arrested for allegedly beating a stray dog to death in Aibonito, police reported.

The suspect was identified as Bao Quiang Zhang, 46, a resident of Las Quintas neighborhood of Aibonito who works as a cook at the Fina China restaurant at Las Flores Plaza shopping center in the central mountain town.

Quiang Zhang was facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly using a metal pipe to beat a black mutt to death outside the Amigo Supermarket at Las Flores Plaza at around 7 p.m. The complaint was filed by a shopping center security guard and another witness to the attack.

The witness said Quiang Zhang struck the dog repeatedly until it stopped moving.   He then allegedly left and came back with a black plastic bag and a bucket. The witnesses said the suspect put the dog in the bag and tossed it behind the Fina China restaurant. Authorities found the dead dog there.

Quiang Zhang was slated for an arraignment hearing and police said he was likely to be charged with violating Law 67.


The San Juan Star