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Brian Heidik, 38 shot pup with an arrow

Douglasville, GA

Douglas County

July 5, 2006  
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2 pups Alleged


 photo courtesy of Associated Press Heidik, age 38, the 2002 Thailand past winner of the reality show “Survivor”, was arrested after shooting a pup with an arrow.

Heidik was released on bond after being charged with battery and cruelty to animals.

Heidik told Douglas County Magistrate Court judge he thought the dog was a coyote that had been harassing his pets.

Heidik’s wife had called police at about 3 a.m., to report that he was outside and that he had shot a pup that was on his property with an arrow and planned to shoot another one.

When sheriff's deputies arrived, Heidik fled in his car but was quickly caught and taken back to the home where the incident occurred.

Douglas County Chief Deputy Stan Copeland said there was evidence in the home to support a charge of battery for family violence. Heidik’s wife, Charmaine and 5-year-old son were home at the time of the incident.

Both the wounded pup and the 2nd pup were turned over to animal control to determine who they belonged to.


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