Allied Security Group

Animal cruelty to guard dogs

Newark, NJ

March, 2002

Allied Security Group (owned by Martin Lucibello) pled guilty to animal cruelty charges in Newark, NJ Municipal Court on May 23rd, 2002. The company paid a total of $1500 in fines for poor treatment of the dogs under their care. The Allied Security Group was formerly known as Tri State Guard Dogs.


Photos courtesy of Friends of Animals

Allied leases dogs to commercial property owners throughout the New Jersey metro area. The guard dogs are placed on constructions sites in and around old warehouses, in used car lots and on industrial properties. During business hours, they are kept isolated in small pens. At night they are let out to roam the properties they have been hired to guard -- vulnerable to trespassers who may try to poison, wound or kill them. The so called 'fence dogs' are deprived of socialization and the opportunity to form positive relationships with people and other animals. They are often rotated in order to keep them anti-social and unfamiliar with people in any given area and are constantly taught to distrust people.

The NJ Department of Health's regulations for a kennel are defined as a place that boards, breeds or sells dogs. A guard dog operation does not fall within the parameters of that definition so they go unregulated. Guard dog companies are not required to obtain special licenses to do business and are not specifically regulated in any way by the state.


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