Dasha Lombard, James Manzanares & Nicholas Stogdon stabbed and beat a dog Alamogordo, NM May 6, 2007

Lombard, age 15, Manzanares, age 14 and Stogdon, age 13 have been ordered to be detained until trial by Judge Jerry Ritter of the 12th Judicial District Court.  Lombard and Manzanares were taken to the Otero County Detention Center while Stogdon was released to his mother under house arrest because of the lack of space at the juvenile detention center.

The 3 juveniles are being charged with felony counts for extreme cruelty to animals, conspiracy to commit extreme cruelty and tampering with evidence.

Public Safety Officer Roger Schoolcraft responded to a call from a resident at the trailer park on Canal St. who had called on behalf of a little girl who witnessed the teenagers clustered around the dog in a ditch.  As Officer Schoolcraft arrived the 3 juveniles ran across Florida Avenue.  The juveniles told him they thought the dog was dying and so decided to kill it.  Officer Schoolcraft observed the 3 smiling and unconcerned.  Manzanares said "it was just a f___ing dog".

  (Courtesy photo)       (Photo courtesy of KRQE News13)

At there arraignment hearing evidence was presented to show the extent of the cruelty to this dog.  Clear packing tape had been put around the dogs snout and over her nose to suffocate her; 2 knives and a flat screwdriver were found in various locations that had been used to stab the dog; and a 44.2 pound concrete block was found close to the dog.  It had been thrown on her multiple times.

Veterinarian Edmund Christopher Staley testified the female dog was in heat and had a concussion, was in shock and suffered from blood loss when she was brought into him.  She had puncture wounds and a pair of slice wounds to her chest; a contusion on her right ear; and severe bruising on either side of her head.  The dog was in a great deal of pain.

The contusions on her head were more than superficial.  The dog had a fractured vertebrae.  Dr. Staley believes what saved the dog from the blows from the concrete block was the soft earth under her.  Dr. Staley also stated that there were no signs of any kind of previous injury to the dog before the attack.

Juvenile Probation and Parole Officers then testified to the juveniles prior records.  On February 23, 2007, Lombard was charged with having a deadly weapon on school property.  She also had been charged with criminal damage to property when she allegedly spray-painted an elementary school playground.  Other previous charges include shoplifting and resisting, evading and obstructing an officer and numerous incidents of verbally abusing teachers at school.

Prior records for Manzanares show shoplifting, disorderly conduct, larceny, receiving stolen property and burglary.

Prior records for Stogdon show several shoplifting charges, 2 battery charges on a household member, burglary and running away.

The dog's owner, Juan Preciado stated the dog named Cindy has never before escaped from the yard and that he and his family spent some time looking for the dog.

Students at the Alamogordo High School presented R.J. Jones, superintendent of Animal Control with $804.17.  The students raised the money themselves to provide care for the dog.  3 students, Raymond, Estrella & Mechelle Martinez, from Cloudcroft gave another $126 that they had raised at their high and middle schools.

The dog is recovering and has recently been able to stand under Dr. Staley's care.  The juveniles will be in court within the next 30 days.


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