Richard W. Adams & Brandon J. Waddell kept an injured pit bull in a crawl space for weeks Danville, VA  Danville County March 21, 2008

Father and son Adams and Waddell have been charged with animal cruelty after the Danville Police found the dog when they went to serve an arrest warrant on Waddell at their Ross St. home.

The officers heard noises coming from the house upon arrival.  They asked to see the dog and found a female pit bull in a crawl space with a severely injured back left leg.

Animal control was called and the dog was seized.  The dog was taken to the Animal Medical Center where her leg was amputated a day later.

  (Photo courtesy of Sarah Arkin, The Register & Bee)  The 3-year-old dog is doing well and is now recuperating at the Danville Area Humane Society.

Waddell was arrested for a probation violation and both men were also charged with animal cruelty.  If convicted they could spend 12 months in jail and be fined $2,500.

The dog is being held at the Humane Society until trial.  The dog is not available for adoption until the court decides if the dog will be taken away from the family.



The Danville Register & Bee