Who, age What Where When Last known address

Abby Toll, 20

wrapped boyfriends dog in tape and stuck it upside down to a refrigerator Boulder, CO April 14, 2009  

Bryan Beck, 21

misdemeanor cruelty to an animal Boulder, CO April 14, 2009  
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved
Felony/Misdemeanor drug possession, domestic violence 1 Japanese Shiba Inu, 1 chihuahua

Police say a woman wrapped her boyfriend's dog in packing tape and stuck the animal upside down to a refrigerator because he wouldn't get rid of it.

  (Photo courtesy of the Smoking Gun)  Abby Toll was arrested after police say she got into a fight with her boyfriend.

She was charged with felony cruelty, drug possession and other counts and is free on $12,500 bond.

Toll's 21-year-old boyfriend, Bryan Beck, faces lesser charges including a misdemeanor cruelty count.

Police say Toll, 20, used packing tape to bind the legs, snout and tail of Beck's dog, Rex, a Japanese breed called a Shiba Inu.

She told police she stuck the dog to the refrigerator because she was angry Beck wanted to keep it.

Toll also is accused of slapping Beck and throwing a vase and soda bottle at him.  In addition, police say they found a trace amount of heroin in her possession at the jail.

  (Photo courtesy of KTLA News)  Rex was taken to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley with Toll's Chihuahua, which wasn't involved in the alleged abuse.

The society said that Beck has signed over custody of Rex, and the dog will be put up for adoption after going through some training.  "Our training staff is working with him to get him over his fear issues, to get him more socialized with people so he can trust humans again," society CEO Lisa Pedersen said.

Update 4/17/09:  Toll, The University of Colorado student is facing a felony animal abuse rap after she allegedly taped her boyfriend's puppy to the side of a refrigerator in a bid to teach the rambunctious animal a "lesson." According to police, Toll used clear packing tape to adhere the eight-month-old dog named Rex to the appliance in the kitchen of her boyfriend's apartment.

Toll allegedly was angry at Bryan Beck, 21, for failing to get rid of the puppy, which, Toll told cops, bit her a few days ago. According to the below Boulder Police Department reports, when cops responded at 5 AM to a "report of a male and female yelling" at Beck's apartment, they discovered that "Rex's body was completely encased in packing tape."

When Officer Kara Jurczenia asked what was on the side of the fridge, Toll replied, "The dog." Toll added, "I know this looks really bad, but the dog bites. He is aggressive." Jurczenia asked how long the puppy had been taped upside down to the side of the refrigerator. "Not long," Toll replied. "Like 20-30 minutes. It was just until he calmed down."

The reports note that when Beck saw his dog stuck to the refrigerator, he told Toll, "Take him down," adding, "You are so sick!" Toll replied, "No, you are sick for not caring enough about me to get rid of the dog." The animal, whose paws had been bound with elastic hair ties, was clearly in pain and "yelped and screamed loudly" as cops worked to free him.

"Rex just lay motionless, but breathing, on his kennel after he was removed from the tape." The puppy was handed over to the Boulder Valley Humane Society.



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