Ann Shepherd

Hoarding 13 cats seized

Glendora, NJ Gloucester Township

July 17, 2006

Shepherd, who kept nearly 2 dozen cats in squalor inside her 600 block of East Front Street home, has been charged with 46 counts of animal cruelty. Shepherd told authorities she had 23 cats, officials seized 13 cats and took them to the Camden County Animal Shelter.

Shepherd was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Investigators found up to 4 inches of feces in one room and 1000 empty cat food cans in another. Police responded to the home at 10pm after getting a report from a woman who said a cat had bitten one of her dogs. They were led to the house by the overwhelming odor from the street.

The house has been deemed unsuitable for habitation. Ammonia levels were so high the SPCA investigators could only stay in the home for about 7 minutes before needing fresh air.


The Courier Post