Alberto Sanchez, Jr.

Dog stolen by Public Works employee from shelter

Woodhaven, MI

July 5, 2006

Alberto Sanchez, Jr., 38, of Lincoln Park, a former Brownstown Township employee, has waived a preliminary examination of the evidence against him for the alleged theft of a dog from the Brownstown Animal Shelter.† His case will now proceed to Wayne County Circuit Court in Detroit.

Woodhaven Police reported that an Animal Control Officer picked up a Yorkshire Terrier, the same breed of dog that Sanchezís father had recently put to sleep.† He asked the officer if he could take the dog, but was told that he had to wait seven days before it could be adopted. Later that evening, the dogís owners stated they wanted it back but when a different Animal Control Officer went to the shelter, the dog was gone.† Investigation revealed that Sanchez had inquired about the animal.

Sanchez allegedly told officers that he took the dog from the shelter and he then gave it back. He later stated that he took it when he saw it wandering around outside of shelter, which investigators state would have been nearly impossible for the dog to have escaped the facility.

Sanchez was arranged on July 6th before 33rd District Judge James Kersten in Woodhaven on a charge of larceny.† He pleaded innocent and a personal bond was set at $3,000.† The felony charge is punishable by up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine or three times the value of the property that was stolen.† The dog is valued at approximately $1,000.


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