Amber Michael

Abandonment of 4 dogs

Monessen, PA

July 21, 2006

Westmoreland County Humane Officers have filed three charges against Amber Michael in an animal abuse case after finding several dogs living in deplorable conditions in the Monessen home.  Two of the dogs perished and one is still in the home.  The Humane Officers stated that the dogs were abused and extremely malnourished.  Humane Society Officer Cathy Bricker stated that you could feel all the vertebrae, hips, scapula and backbone.

Skip Campbell, a next-door neighbor, reported that the owners of the home moved out about two months ago but left the dogs behind.  Campbell further stated that one the dogs named Molly, had been living outside for the past two months with garbage bags full of feces and flies.  He had been feeding her, bathing her now and then and giving her an occasional walk.

After the Humane Society left a warning for the homeowners, Amber Michael brought the dogs in within a few hours, claiming she was not the owner, but found them abandoned.  The Humane Officer was quick to note that the animal intake form name was the same as the name on the residence mailbox.  Amber Michael was told to bring in the other dog that was still trapped inside the house. If the animal is not brought in, the Humane Society will obtain a search warrant to rescue it.