Unknown - teenage boys dog found with severe burns

San Antonio, TX

Bexar County

August 4, 2008

Another severely burned dog has been found in San Antonio.

"Star" was picked up as a stray in the 4200 block of Sunrise Creek and was taken to the Animal Defense League. The 1-year-old poodle mix is suffering from burns across her back that are similar to those suffered by two other dogs rescued dogs.

ADL's veterinary staff is treating Star and believe she should be ready for a foster home soon.  If you are interested in providing a foster home for Star, please call the Animal Defense League at 210-655-1481, Ext. 0.


(Photo's courtesy of the Animal Defense League)

Officials believe it is most likely a teenage boy or male in his early 20's who abused Star. They say odds are the abuser also bragged about it to his friends or family.

"I hope anyone who knows anything about what happened to "Star" will come forward and let us know who they believe did this to Star," said ADL Executive Director Ron Aaron. "We will protect your confidentiality when we pass the information on to SAPD and ACS cruelty investigators. The perpetrator or perpetrators must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law."

Animal Defense League officials are asking anyone with information about these and other crimes of violence against animals to call (210) 655-1481 ext. 111.



Animal Defense League