Unknown puppy found with 3rd degree burns on her back

San Antonio, TX

Bexar County

June 17, 2008

  (Photo courtesy of Animal Defense League)  The puppy, now called Grace, is at the Animal Defense League hospital. A man found her bleeding and took her there. She has marks all up and down her small back.  Right now, Grace is on the road to recovery, acting like a normal puppy.

"It takes a very interesting individual to do that to another living, breathing animal," said Rebecca Reed, a veterinarian assistant.
As soon as Grace heals, she will be put up for adoption. For more information, visit the Animal Defense League's website at http://www.adltexas.org.

Animal Defense League officials are asking anyone with information about these and other crimes of violence against animals to call (210) 655-1481 ext. 111.


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