Aaron Dean Aliser Cockfighting - 115 birds euthanized Whitmann, AZ Maricopa County April 27, 2008

Aliser, age 35 was arrested after Sheriff's deputies found a cockfighting party in his backyard.

Aliser admitted to hosting the party, where there had been up to 80 people and he charged $10.00 per person to the stadium-style arena for people to watch the birds fight.


(Photo's courtesy of ABC15 News)

When the Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies arrived at 11am. on Sunday, they say a large amount of cars at the home near 225th and Grand avenues, northwest of Surprise.

Aliser was charged with 115 counts of cockfighting, one for each of the birds that had to be euthanized due to injuries.


ABC 15 News