Arthur Anderson animal cruelty casefile

Arthur Anderson

Throwing a puppy from a 3rd floor, killing it

Kent, WA

Aug. 5, 2004

Anderson, age 32 was arrested after he admitted throwing an 8 week old puppy from a 3rd floor apartment balcony at the Ashton Spring Apartments, 10915 W.E. 253rd Place, killing it.

The puppy was found by the police about 20 feet from the building.

Anderson threw the pup after arguing with his girlfriend, Shevelle Higgins.

Anderson is being held in jail on $10,000 bail after appearing in the Kent District Court on August 6th.  He will be arraigned on August 22nd.

A neighbor called the police after hearing something crashing through the trees.  The neighbor looked out of the balcony to hear the puppy yelp a couple of times then go silent on the ground.

During the argument, one of the woman’s children came out of the bedroom, asking if everything was all right.  The puppy started barking, so while the girlfriend was taking the child back to the bedroom, Anderson picked up the pup and threw it.  Police have responded to that apartment in the past for domestic disputes.

On Tuesday, August 10th charges of animal cruelty in the first degree, a felony, were filed against Anderson.


The King County Journal