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Aura Acevedo 6 Pug pups rescued

Brewster, NY

Putnam County

July 31, 2006  
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6 Pug pups


Six Pug puppies were rescued by the Putnam County Humane Society after being found living in squalid conditions without food and water. 

Putnam Sheriff Deputy Barbara Devolve stated that Aura Acevedo was charged after an anonymous complaint sent officers to her home on Center Street in Brewster.  Officers found the 6 puppies in a small crate in a tarp-covered garage without food or water. 

 Photo courtesy of CBS News  file photo  Officer Devolve stated the temperature in the garage was approaching 100 degrees.  The dogs had eye infections and were taken to a local veterinarian to be treated for dehydration.

Acevedo is charged with 6 counts of animal cruelty.