Anthony Albert Gomez Beheaded a 4-year-old Australian Shepard mix, gift-wrapping it in a box and sending it to teenage owner St. Paul MN February 1, 2007

  (Photo courtesy of WCCO-TV)  Crystal Brown's dog named Chevy disappeared in early February.  Brown put signs up all over her neighborhood looking for the dog.

  (Photo courtesy of WCCO-TV)  About 2 weeks after Chevy disappeared a gift wrapped box was left at Browns door, inside valentines candy and Chevy's head.  The note said "Congratulations, Crystal! This side up.  Batteries included".

Police suspected Brown's ex-boyfriend from the beginning but did not arrest him until March 22, 2007.  Gomez, age 24 has been charged with animal cruelty for killing a companion animal and suspicion of terrorist threats for terrorizing another person.

(Photo courtesy of WCCO-TV) Brown dated Gomez briefly.  Evidence found in Gomez basement and on his camera phone shows blood splattered on the basement floor.  Gomez's camera phone showed a video of Chevy's decapitation.  Gomez reportedly told others to "cut off its head" with a chain saw.  Police state that the dog was already dead at the time of the decapitation.  The names of the other people allegedly involved have not been released yet.

The HSUS offered a reward of $2,500 for any information leading to an arrest.  That quickly grew to $20,000 from widespread media attention and the help of America's Most Wanted TV show.

Gomez's court date is set for 4/6/07.  Minnesota's animal cruelty law states - any individual who is found guilty of cruelty or torture to to dogs and cats, and does so to threaten, intimidate, or terrorize another person, may be sentenced to prison time for no more than 4 years or to a fine not exceeding $10,000 or both.

17-year-old Brown who lives with her grandmother has since gotten another Australian shepherd which has been named Diesel.


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