Adrianne & Leonard Foyt dogs, pot-bellied pigs, horses Wichita Fall, TX October 21, 2008

  (Photo courtesy of KFDX3)  Young County Justice of the Peace James Ross decided who would be awarded custody of several animals seized October 21st, from the property of Adrianne and Leonard Foyt.

Kim Baxter, Exec. Dir., Humane Society of Young County stated "They wanted selective animals... admitted that the younger horses were in bad condition and wanted to be able to keep some of the other ones... but the judge ruled that all of them would go back to the Humane Society."

According to Baxter, two dogs and a pot-bellied pig were underweight... and four horses, that remain in foster care, were severely malnourished.  But now, Baxter says all are on the long road to recovery.  They have gained weight in the ten days that we've had them. The dog has gained six pounds. The horses have gained a nice amount of weight but not nearly enough."

According to Young County Sheriff's investigators, the Foyt's just couldn't afford to properly feed the animals.  And, animal experts say that's becoming a sign of the times.

Baxter stated, "We're hearing from a lot of people that they're not able to provide for their animals any longer. Doing the right thing is bringing them to the shelter and surrendering them to us when you can no longer provide for them... not leaving them in the back field and not providing what they need."

In addition to losing their animals the Foyt's could lose their freedom.  They'll soon head back to court for their animal cruelty trial, where both face up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $4,000.