Who, age What Where When Last Known Address
3 Juveniles Shot, killed dog chained in doghouse Carter County, TN January 2007  
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved
    1 dog

Police have charged three teens of intentionally killing a domestic animal and reckless endangerment after a dog was shot in Carter County. John Street wants justice for “Meathead” - he was one of his best friends for four years. "He would walk out and greet people - he was good around people."

The mix-breed died in January after he was shot with a high-powered rifle. Three teens now face a list of charges in connection with the shooting. Street states that the angle of the wound leads him to believe the teens shot from the end of his carport into the dog's doghouse while he was still chained up. That's where he was found and died a few minutes later.

Carter County Sheriff Chris Mathes stated, “It’s extremely concerning just the fact that first of all that juveniles would have the access to a high powered rifle itself is of concern. ” Investigators believe the teens not only shot the dog, but also bragged about it to their classmates.

Street stated that the sound of gunfire so close to his home caused him to reach for his gun, a move that could have cost human life. “I wouldn't know if you were shooting at me, the dog, if I’m being shot at I’m going to return fire, it could have been tragic.”

The teens will appear in court in March.


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