Who, age What Where When Last Known Address
William Lee Marsh III, 43 mutilated 3 dogs

Barbour, West Virginia

Cabell County

January 14, 2014  
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved Case Status Next Court Date /Courthouse
Felony animal cruelty domestic battery, first-degree sexual abuse, violating a protective order 3 dogs Alleged  

Police in Barbour County are leveling gruesome allegations against a Belington man, including the killing and mutilation of multiple dogs and the sexual abuse of a woman he believed to be possessed by demons.

  Photo courtesy of the Tygart Valley Regional Jail   William Lee Marsh III, 43, of Audra Road, was arrested and charged with domestic battery, first-degree sexual abuse, violating a protective order and three counts of felony animal cruelty . Belington police and State Police in Philippi are investigating.

A woman told Belington Chief D.J. Harris that Marsh sexually abused her and physically assaulted her on January 14th, according to a criminal complaint.

The woman, who was not named in the complaint but was his girlfriend at the time, said Marsh grabbed her and pushed her face up against a bathroom mirror. He screamed at her that she was "possessed and he could see it in her eyes," the complaint said.

He held her by the head and forced her to look at herself in the mirror, and then grabbed her by the throat and told her he "was going to get the demon out." He demanded she look him in the eye.

She said Marsh continued to curse and yell that she was possessed. He threw her onto the toilet and hit her in the chest before saying "demon be gone," the complaint said.

The woman told police that on the same day he began to be sexual with her during a domestic incident, though it wasn't immediately clear if it was the demon possession incident.

She said she screamed at him to stop as he sexually assaulted her.

Harris alleged in the complaint that Marsh violated a protection order by having his mother and a friend try to contact the woman on January 16th. The woman told Belington police that Marsh had photographs and videos of mutilated dogs, State Police said.

Cpl. M.P. Denison said Belington police asked troopers to look into the animal cruelty allegations. The woman gave the troopers the photos of the mutilation. Marsh allegedly killed three dogs, only one of which was his own.

Denison said the other two dogs belonged to a neighbor. "I've never had a case where dogs have been mutilated like that," Denison said of the pictures.

Marsh allegedly mutilated a dog in April at his Audra Road home and skinned it. He then took pictures of himself wearing the animal's skin and biting the dog's tongue, the complaint said.

He allegedly filmed himself using a machete to mutilate a dead dog that had been shot in the neck in August 2013, the complaint said.

Marsh is accused of shooting his neighbor's dog with a rifle on Christmas Eve, 2013. The dog yelped as it ran away, but Marsh returned for it. Denison said the dog was dead when Marsh propped the animal up and put a Santa hat on its head before taking a photo.

Marsh is being held on $50,000 bond at Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

Update 1/22/14:
Marsh has been arrested and booked into jails around West Virginia at least 5 times since 2011 according to arrest records.

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