Who, age What Where When Last Known Address
Paul Alan Ropp, 20 shot, killed, police dog, injured handler

Portland, OR

Multnomah County

April 17, 2014  
Steven J. Young, 20 shot, killed, police dog, injured handler

Portland, OR

Multnomah County

April 17, 2014  
Jemaell Diamond Riley, 25 shot, killed, police dog, injured handler

Portland, OR

Multnomah County

April 17, 2014  
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved Case Status Next Court Date /Courthouse
Class C Felony attempted aggravated murder, assault of a law enforcement animal, eluding police and burglary. 1 German shepherd Alleged 6/10/14, Justice Center

Paul A. Ropp, a 20-year-old from The Dalles who attended Portland State University last fall and winter semesters, was the man who fired at police in Southwest Portland with a rifle, wounding an officer and killing his police dog partner, police said.

Ropp, who suffered a head wound and dog bites, remained hospitalized Thursday afternoon, April 17th, police said.

April 21, 2014 - Paul Alan Ropp, at his arraignment. Photo courtesy of Beth Nakamura/ The Oregonian

Ropp was taken into custody about 5:30 a.m. Wednesday after a multi-hour manhunt by several law enforcement agencies across miles of residential neighborhoods in Southwest Portland. He was one of 3 men who police say was involved in a pre-dawn burglary of a Southwest Portland police equipment store, then fled in a white Suburban, eluding police before crashing into a utility pole on Southwest Capitol Highway.

Ropp, the driver, ran from the vehicle, while 2 passengers, identified as Steven Young, 20, and Jemaell D. Riley, 25, were taken into custody immediately by police.

Police canine Officer Jeffrey Dorn, 40, and Central Precinct Officer Jason Worthington started to run after Ropp on Southwest Lobelia Street, police said. Dorn unleased his dog Mick after Ropp, and an exchange of gunfire ensued. Witnesses said they heard 7 to 8 shots.

Dorn, wounded in both upper legs, was carried from the scene to an ambulance on Southwest Capitol Highway by 4 other officers, a witness said.
"One had each of his arms, and 1 had each of his legs,'' said Kimberly Rodda, who lives directly across the street from the crash. "They carried him to a stretcher.''
Dorn was treated at Portland’s Legacy Emanuel Medical Center and released. His partner, a purebreed German Shepherd named Mick, died from a single gunshot to his body, a necropsy found.

Portland police officer Jeff Dorn with his K-9 partner, Mick. Mick, call sign "K-93" was shot and killed during a confrontation in Southwest Portland.

Once booked into jail, Ropp is expected to face allegations including attempted aggravated murder, assault of a law enforcement animal, eluding police and burglary.

“We’re all just very sad. We're very sad all this has happened," his father Alan Ropp stated. He added that he had not been able to talk to his son since he was taken into custody.

Ropp and Young had attended The Dalles-Wahtonka High School together. Ropp graduated in June 2012. Young dropped out in 2011, according to the school district.

Ropp went on to attend PSU last fall and winter terms, up until the March spring break, according to Scott Gallagher, PSU spokesman. His major was international studies. He was not registered for the spring semester, Gallagher said.

In 2010, Ropp wrote on the “nerdfighters” social website: “I’m a pretty low key guy, i love music of all kinds, i like some sports like karate and krav maga, and i enjoy reading, backpacking, and cooking on a regular basis.’’

According to Young’s Facebook page, he was from The Dalles, lived in Vancouver and attended a community college. Riley, on his Facebook page, said he was the author of "The Why Book, " examining why adults no longer question things like children do, and described his own life as being “riddled with struggle, pain and hardship.’’

The suspects don’t have much in the way of criminal records. Young has 2 prior violations for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana in February 2012 and for driving with a suspended license and no insurance in July 2013 in Wasco County.

Investigators learned that the trio had allegedly set off the alarm at Blumenthal Uniforms & Equipment at 11:30 pm on Tuesday, April 15th to see how fast police would respond, before returning in the pre-dawn hours the next day. Co-owner Mark Blumenthal said the back door was pried open and a display of sample police badges, canisters of pepper spray and body armor were stolen.

After Ropp was located in the 6900 block of Southwest Oleson Road, police recovered an AR-15 rifle in the neighborhood, and extra ammunition on Ropp. Young was booked into jail on a burglary allegation but additional charges were expected. Ropp and Riley, also hospitalized for injuries from the crash, were expected to be booked into jail, either Thursday night or early Friday.

Assault of a law enforcement animal is a Class C felony, punishable by probation of up to 90 days to 25 to 30 months in prison.

Update 4/21/14:
Ropp pleaded not guilty to a 29-count indictment. A Multnomah County grand jury charged Ropp with 2 counts of attempted aggravated murder, 2 counts of unlawful use of a weapon, 4 counts of unlawful possession of a destructive device, 2nd-degree assault, assault of a law enforcement animal,1st-degree aggravated animal abuse, menacing, 3 counts of 1st-degree burglary, attempting to elude police, 3 counts of unlawful entry of a motor vehicle, conspiracy to commit 1st-degree burglary, 2 counts of conspiracy to unlawfully enter a motor vehicle, 1st-degree theft, 2 counts of conspiracy to commit 1st-degree robbery, 2 counts of attempted 1st-degree robbery, attempted 1st-degree kidnapping and conspiracy to commit 1st-degree kidnapping.

Ropp no longer wore a jail anti-suicide smock as he did during his1st court appearance last week. He wore the usual blue jail garb, but white gauze continued to cover wounds to the right of his right eye and right side of his head.

Police said Ropp and his 2 co-defendants, Steven J. Young, 20, and Jemaell D. Riley, 25, had been involved in a weeks-long crime spree leading up to the Blumenthal burglary and chase. Investigators said that the alleged spree appeared to have been influenced by the trio's penchant for video games, including Grand Auto Theft V. Co-defendants Young and Riley also appeared in court Tuesday morning on re-indictments.

Photo courtesy of Beth Nakamura/ The Oregonian Young, who appeared via video from Inverness Jail, pleaded not guilty to a 19-count indictment. It charges him with: 1st-degree burglary, conspiracy to commit 1st-degree burglary, 4 counts of unlawful possession of a destructive device, 3rd-degree theft, attempt to elude police, 2 counts each of unlawful entry into a motor vehicle and conspiracy to commit unlawful entry to a motor vehicle,1st-degree theft, 2 counts each of conspiracy to commit 1st-degree robbery and attempted 1st-degree robbery, conspiracy to commit 1st-degree kidnapping and attempted 1st-degree kidnapping. The 3-degree theft charge accuses Young of stealing a crowbar from a nearby Fred Meyer store that was used to pry open the back door of Blumenthal Uniforms & Equipment.

Photo courtesy of Beth Nakamura/ The Oregonian Riley, who suffered injuries in the SUV crash before his arrest, had his right arm in a sling. He had been seen by a doctor shortly before his arraignment. He pleaded not guilty to an 18-count indictment. He faces the same charges as Young, excluding 3rd-degree theft.

All 3 defendants in the case have been given a tentative trial date of June 10.

Fourteen people testified before the grand jury, including Officers Dorn and Jason A. Worthington. Police said Worthington, along with Dorn, fired back at Ropp but Worthington wasn't wounded. The grand jury found no criminal wrongdoing by police. Worthington, a 9-year bureau member, is returning to full duty at Central Precinct. Dorn, a 16-year bureau member, is on paid medical leave but expected to make a full recovery.

A memorial for the deceased police dog Mick is set for May 12 at Hillsboro Stadium.

Update 5/12/14:
Mick, the Portland police dog who died while trying to capture a suspect in a Southwest Portland burglary, is being honored at a public memorial at Hillsboro Stadium. The German shepherd died of a single gunshot wound April 16 after Officer Jeffrey Dorn unleashed him to chase a fleeing suspect in a burglary on Southwest Lobelia Street.

Dorn, 40, was shot in both legs as he and the dog tried to stop fleeing burglary suspect Paul Alan Ropp. Police say Ropp fired at them with an AR-15 rifle.

Speakers include Dorn, Portland Mayor Charlie Hales, Police Chief Mike Reese and the governor's policy adviser on public safety Heidi Moawad.

HILLSBORO, OREGON - May 11, 2014 - A public tribute was held to celebrate the portland Police dog Mick. Mick was killed on April 16, 2014, and his Canine Handler, Officer Jeff Dorn, was injured in a shootout in Southwest Portland. Over 100 police K-9s and their handlers were in attendance. Photos courtesy of Faith Cathcart/The Oregonian

Reference: The Oregonian