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Unknown dog found hog-tied & muzzled

Calgary, Alberta


February 3, 2014  
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Golden retriever Open  

Calgary police are investigating a case of animal cruelty after a dog was found by his owner hogtied with a belt wrapped around his muzzle in an alleyway, a weeks after a cat and dog were found dead in a south Calgary neighborhood.

Radar Photo courtesy of CTV News

Cameron Edmonds says when he checked on his dogs in his backyard on February 3rd, one of them, Radar, wasn't there.

"As soon I realize he wasn't coming when I was calling him, I realized something was wrong."

When Edmonds ventured to the side of his house, he realized someone had entered his backyard through a gated fence. Edmonds says whoever took Radar had to go to great lengths to open the gate, as a build-up of ice and snow had made it difficult to enter the backyard that way.

Edmonds spent an hour and half canvassing his neighborhood looking for Radar. He eventually made his way down one alleyway and found the dog. "He wasn't moving at all. I immediately thought the worst," Edmonds said, often overcome by emotion. "And when I got up to him, he had a black leather belt wrapped around his nose. And he was hogtied with a yellow rope. So I took the belt off, and he started to realize I was there and he started struggling and crying."

Edmonds says each time he put Radar on his feet, the dog would fall back down. Edmonds carried Radar home and immediately took him to the veterinarian.

Radar is now recovering.

"My opinion is someone who did this isn't even a person," Edmonds said.

Police say they are still looking for a suspect in Radar's case.

Edmonds says he is now hesitant to let his dogs roam free in his backyard. He says he plans on installing surveillance cameras.

"I don't know what to think. I see it on the news … But when it happens to you it's completely different," he said.

Reference: CTV News