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Robert Martin, 53 slammed dog to the ground

Lancaster, CA

Los Angeles County

August 8, 2014  
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Felony animal cruelty   1 dog Alleged  

A 53-year-old Lancaster man is in jail after cell phone video showing a dog being abused and slammed to the ground was brought to the attention of local law enforcement.

The alleged animal abuse occurred around 7:30 a.m. Friday, August 8th near a bus stop on Lancaster Boulevard and 5th Street East, according to Lindsey Cooks, the man who recorded the incident on his cell phone.

Photo's courtesy of Lindsey Cook

Cooks said he was waiting at the bus stop when he noticed a shirtless man swinging a yelping dog in the air by its leash. Cooks said he tried to warn the man, and the man began hurling racial slurs.

Cooks recorded the video that got Martin arrested for animal cruelty. Cooks said Martin called him a "n*gger" when he tried to stop Martin from abusing the dog. “I told him, ‘that’s cruelty to animals,’ and then he said ‘shut up!’ and the n-word…” Cooks stated “He took the dog up and swung the dog on his head… so I called the police.”

Photo's courtesy of the Antelope Times Daisy's hero, Lindsey Cooks

Cooks said he called 9-1-1 and Lancaster deputies responded a short time late.

“We responded to a call about cruelty to animals, and we were shown the tape, which obviously substantiated that charge,” said Lt. Martinez of the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station.

Martin was arrested said Lt. Martinez said.

“I have a dog too, you know? You don’t treat a dog like that!” Cooks said, adding that he also spoke to the man’s neighbors. “Apparently, that’s not the first time he did it,” Cooks said, “and nobody said anything? I couldn’t do that… I had to let somebody know.”

The dog was picked up by local animal control officers and is now at the Lancaster Animal Shelter, Cooks said. “I called the Lancaster shelter and they said the dog was doing okay,” Cooks said. “I just can’t understand how people could be so cruel like that, it just really hurt me.”

Martin remains jailed in lieu of $20,000 bail, according to LASD inmate records.

Update 8/11/14:
The animal is doing well and headed to foster care.

The dog seen on cell phone video being abused and slammed onto a Lancaster street is headed to a caring foster home.
“Daisy” is a female, black and white pitbull mix believed to be about six months old, according to officials at the Lancaster Animal Shelter.

An examination showed no outward injuries, but the puppy will be monitored in foster care for at least two weeks before she can be placed up for adoption, said Sgt. Montez of the Lancaster Animal Shelter. “We want to bring her out of the trauma by having her in a home with one of our fosters so that when she does come back for adoption, she’ll be that happy puppy,” Montez said.

Daisy appeared timid, but was otherwise in good spirits as she licked and nuzzled up to Sgt. Montez at the Lancaster Animal Shelter. There is already interest in adopting Daisy when she gets out of foster care, Montez said.


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