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Not disclosed 25 cats seized

Quarryville, PA

Lancaster County

September 11, 2014  
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved Case Status Next Court Date /Courthouse
    25 cats Under Investigation  

The owners of a Quarryville, Lancaster County farm are under investigation by the Pennsylvania SPCA.

Agents seized 25 cats from the farm after getting a tip from Humane Society Police Officer Linda Gibson of Helping Hands for Animals, a small nonprofit based in Lampeter.

  Photo courtesy of the Sarah Eremus/PSPCA  The PSPCA executed a search warrant on Friday and inspected the farm.

The cats were allegedly living in unsanitary conditions. Two cats were found dead.

   Photo's courtesy of the Sarah Eremus/PSPCA  The animals will be taken to the PSPCA’s Philadelphia headquarters for treatment.

No charges have been filed.

The investigation continues.

Update 9/12/14:
While a few cats were roaming free, most were living in the farmhouse in which, Humane Society Police Officer Linda Gibson said, conditions were "horrifying."

"Every room in the house was just covered with feces and urine, and there wasn't one room that was fit for an animal or a person, really," Gibson said. "It was yucky."

"It was filthy," Sarah R. Eremus, Communications and Marketing Manager for the PSPCA confirmed. "It was too dirty the for animals to live and maintain any kind of health."

The PSPCA was tipped to the conditions by Gibson, who is with Helping Hands for Animals, a small Lampeter-based, non-profit humane organization.

Officers began removing the cats and kittens, which were taken to the PSPCA's Philadelphia headquarters for evaluation and treatment.

The remains of an undisclosed number of dead pets were also found. The bodies of two cats were removed to be examined.

According to a PSPCA press release on the case, CEO Jerry Buckley said his group's coverage has been expanded in Lancaster County in response to "large scale cases like this."

Gibson called in the PSPCA because many of the cats were "sick and in need of treatment" and her organization "could house and rehabilitate them."

The PSPCA is continuing to investigate the situation and Eremus said "charges are definitely pending."

Reference:   PSPCA

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