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Unknown cat found with broken leg, shot 16 times

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

March 14, 2014  
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The Humane Society of Durham Region is seeking the public’s help in a horrific case of animal cruelty.

Found as stray in the Thornton and Champlain area of Oshawa, the inured cat was transferred from Oshawa Animal Services to the Humane Society of Durham Region on March 14th when a medical assessment discovered in addition to a sever break to his front right leg the cat had been shot 16 times with a pellet gun.

X-rays clearly show the pellets lodged throughout the cat’s body. The male cat, now named Matty, is currently stable and will soon undergo surgery.

With everything Matty has been through, his sweet disposition is shining through. He has won the hearts of his veterinarians and our animal care workers. says Barbara Steinhoff, Executive Director.

It is unclear if the cat is a stray or has a home, but if he’s homeless, the humane society will put him up for adoption when he’s recovered.

Anyone with information is asked to please contact the Humane Society of Durham Region at 905-665-7430.

     Photo's courtesy of the Humane Society of Durham Region    Matty, a stray cat, is recovering after being shot with a pellet gun 16 times in Oshawa, Ontario.

           Photo's courtesy of the Humane Society of Durham Region


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