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Nicolino Ivano Camardi, 19 dog & cat killed

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

January 9, 2014  
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  alleged confinement of his girlfriend 2 cats, 1 dog Alleged  

The Calgary Humane Society Investigators have executed a search warrant on a residence in connection to the recent case of animal abuse involving a Husky dog and a cat and say they have collected items for forensic analysis.

Photo courtesy of CTV News Calgary

The Calgary Humane Society is trying to identify this female Siberian Husky that was found severely emaciated in an alley in the 200 block of 99 Ave S.E. on January 9. The dog's death was possibly directly due to abuse.

The Calgary Humane Society received a report of a dead cat, with green painter's tape wrapped over its mouth, in an alleyway, the same area where a dog was found starved to death last week.

The dog’s muzzle was taped shut with clear medical tape and the Humane Society says that might have contributed to the dog’s physical condition and death.

Photo courtesy of CTV News Calgary

A 9-month-old kitten was found on January 16 within 10 meters of where the Husky was located and had its mouth muzzled and was in a similar physical state as the dog.

On Friday, January 24, Humane Society investigators executed the warrant on a Willow Park home and say items seized will require forensic analysis which could take some time.

The agency also says it is not releasing any more details at this time for investigative reasons.  "You certainly saw, in the beginning, when we put out the release, because we did need that public help, that we were in a position where, if we didn't release some information and asking for that help, we were going to go nowhere so it suited the investigation at that point. As we get further along in the investigation, the integrity of the investigation can start to be compromised by giving out too much to the public and I know that's frustrating to the public but it's for the benefit of hopefully what happens,” said Brad Nichols, Manager, Cruelty Investigations.

The Calgary Humane Society says the information about the home came while investigators were canvassing the area shortly after the discovery of the dead animals and that the tip led to the search warrant.

Investigators say they have zeroed in on a person of interest but are not releasing further details at this time.

Update 1/29/14:
Hundreds of people and their pets gathered in Nose Hill Park on January 18th to bring awareness to the plight of two animals which died as a result of the heinous actions of an unknown person.

Last week, the bodies of a husky and a kitten were discovered in a Willow Park alleyway, their mouths taped shut.  The Nose Hill gathering included the signing of a petition to increase the severity of animal cruelty laws.
  Photo courtesy of CTV News Calgary

A group of animal advocates gathered in a Nose Hill Park parking lot with signs bringing awareness to animal cruelty laws and recent animal deaths  “We’re trying to change it so that our pets are not considered property and harsher penalties for those who abuse pets,” explains Shalane Pryce of Southern Alberta Pet Connections. “(That’s) what we’re looking for.”

Southern Alberta Pet Connections and Vets to Go are offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in connection to the animal abuse case. The organizations collected donations to fund the reward and have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support they have received.

  Photo courtesy of CTV News Calgary

The groups have capped the reward at $20,000 and all additional donations will help fund the Calgary Humane Society’s Investigation Unit to assist in the prosecution of animal abuse cases.

Animal Bylaw Services and Calgary police continue to investigate the deaths of the two animals.

Update 5/5/14:
A 19-year old man is facing charges in an animal abuse case that sparked outrage in the community after a dog and cat were found dead with their muzzles taped shut earlier this year.

  Photo courtesy of CBC   Nicolino Ivano Camardi has been charged with 2 counts of wilfully causing unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to an animal

Both animals were taken to a local veterinarian where it was determined that the dog died of starvation and had been chronically malnourished. The cat died of asphyxia and strangulation and also suffered multiple traumatic injuries to the head, tail, and hind limbs.
“It appears to be intentional cruelty and not the average abuse type case where someone gets really mad at an animal for house soiling or someone loses their temper temporarily. This was methodical, it was chronic and ended in the animal’s deaths,” said Calgary Humane Society Peace Officer Brad Nichols.

“Mr Camardi was arrested on Saturday, May 3rd, without incident,” said CPS Acting S/Sgt Lloyd Soltys. “He was subsequently held in custody over the weekend and was appearing in court.”

Humane society investigators and Calgary police executed a search warrant on a home in the 9900 block of Bonaventure Drive S.E. on Friday January 24, 2014.  “When we searched the home, with the assistance of Calgary police, we were able to seize several items which we thought were of interest, including various samples that we would test forensically,” said Nichols.

Investigators are pleased to see a resolution to the case and charges laid.

“The public outcry in this case was warranted as was the resources that we sank into it and so yes, it did take four months, but at the end of the day, we were thorough and we’re happy with the package that we were able to put together and ultimately I think we have a solid case for conviction,” said Nichols.

Nichols says the animals were sourced off of Kijiji by the accused and were obtained about two to three months before the animals were found dead.

He says online buyers and sellers of pets need to be cautious about who they are dealing with and that there are better ways to rehome animals.  “Is it my recommendation that you rehome animals online? No and certainly these cases drive that point home. There are community resources available for people that need to rehome their animals and one of those great resources is the Calgary Humane Society.”

Investigators removed a cat from the home and say it will not be returned.

If convicted, Camardi could face a sentence of 18 months to five years or a $10,000 fine.

Update 5/15/14:
The Calgary man accused in a case of animal cruelty that shocked Calgarians is undergoing a 30-day psychiatric assessment and court documents paint a history of mental health issues.

Camardi was ordered to undergo a 30-day psychiatric remand to determine whether he is fit to stand trial.

A transcript from an emergency protection order that was filed by Camardi’s former girlfriend tells the story.  According to the transcript, Cst. Aaron Squirrell testified in March about several incidents that allegedly took place while the pair was living together and said the woman was trying to end the relationship.

The transcript shows that the officer told the court that while Camardi was in police custody he “made comments to the officer that he’s hearing voices and that the voices are telling him to kill her. And that he needs to kill her soon, and if he doesn’t kill her, she’ll kill him first."

Squirrell says she also told police that Camardi is responsible for “other atrocious acts against animals” and said he spoke to her about “murder and killing humans.”

The officer also testified that the defendant has a history of psychosis and crack cocaine use and that Camardi explained to him that he “has control issues over the complainant, that he cannot stop himself from wanting to control her, and that he wishes – does not want her to ever leave him.”

Nicolino Camardi is scheduled to be back in court on June 6.

Update 9/12/14:
A Calgary judge wants more information from accused animal torturer Nicolino Camardi's lawyer before deciding whether to release Camardi.

Court documents show Camardi also faces charges relating to the alleged confinement of his girlfriend who at one point filed an emergency protection order against him.

Camardi was found fit to stand trial on the animal abuse charges following a psychiatric evaluation.
The bail hearing continues on September 16th.

Update 9/16/14:
Camardi, was denied bail today in a Calgary courtroom.  He had no reaction to the judge's decision while appearing over closed-circuit television.

  Photo courtesy of CBC  The alley were a Siberian husky and a six-month old kitten were found dead.
Camardi's next court appearance is on Oct.ober 2nd.

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